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    Finding a good deer?

    Looks like I will be returning to Wyoming this fall for Deer and antelope. In 2017 I did not fill my deer tag but my partner did with a nice 5x5 buck (mid 150's). I had several chances at small bucks and a mature 2x3. I set my goal at a mule deer that is larger than any whitetail I have...
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    Points question

    I think you can skip a year of entering for points and retain the points you have. But if you skip 2 years you lose your points. So lets say you have 2 pp for deer, 2 for elk, and 3 for antelope. You know 2 points should draw general deer tag so you only buy pp for elk and antelope and go 2...
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    All thanks go to God

    Just got my wife's lab report back after her double mastectomy. She had went through 6 months of chemo prior. All clear and now officially in remission. All praise be to God.
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    6% non-resident draw tags

    I notice that NM states they allow 6% non-resident draw tags. I think this is a little deceiving the way they split up the units with up to 3 seasons. If there are 5 or less tags you have no chance to draw a tag. It is apparent many do not understand this with the number of 1st choice in...
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    Antelope ?

    Do the antelope migrate much in the NE or SE part of the state in New Mexico? Was wondering cause I might be able to come out and scout in the middle of March or early June. I doubt I would know if I was able to draw a tag in March so most likely try for June.
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    State lands

    Looking at the regulations I am not clear on camping on State lands in New Mexico. I see where it states you can scout up to 18 days prior and can drive on established roads. I did see something about designated areas, but wonder about remote areas.
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    Results published for the big game draw?

    I know the dead line is March 18, but unsure when to expect to know if a tag is drawn.
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    Pronghorn Draw

    I have tried to understand and study the Pronghorn draw stats for Colorado. After several attempts I think I may have figured out how to find a hunt unit and place it on the map. This helps to know if land is public so I could hunt. Not sure but it looks like all the ranches are open to...
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    When do Harvest reports come out?

    Was wondering when Wyoming releases their harvest reports for the 2019 season. I figure like quota or tag numbers for elk after the dead line for entry.
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    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    How would you score a human if they keep record in Boone and Crockett (keep it clean please)?
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    Grizzle bear question

    If you were hunting any of these general elk units ( 84,85,86,87) how concerned would a person need to be about grizzle bears. Looking at entering for a elk hunt in 2022. I know my chances as a first time elk hunter are slim but I like the idea of being close to the parks. If I am correct...
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    What no hunter wants to see

    When in my stand deer hunting this is the view I got. Hunting public land and over a mile in never expected this. I know I would not shoot a spike that far from the vehicle.
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    Sons Muzzleloader buck

    Sunday My son took this buck. While in the stand he passed on this same buck. He is wanting a few more points. As the day went on a couple spikes were passed as well. Above are views from the stand. Around 10:30 I told him we needed to get out of the stand and move to the woods. I did...
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    Wyoming general elk tag?

    Is the general tag for elk good in any general area state wide? I do not see any regions listed.
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    Wyoming considering a move?

    I am 53 and the wife is 50 with one son 16 still at home. I am considering a life change. I think I would like to move to Wyoming. Just wondering about work for me. I have owned my own Insurance agency for the past 31 years and a BA in Business Management. My wife is a teacher with special...
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    Youth tags?

    What are the ages to obtain a youth tag in Wyoming? I looked all over their site and never found it.
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    Doe in heat ?

    I was on vacation in the Grand Teton area close to the airport. I watched a antelope buck chase a doe all over for over 30 minutes. He was still after her when I drove off. Is it possible on June the 28th a doe could be in heat?
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    Flood Arkansas River

    Flood of historical records happening now. Keep the people in its path in your prayers. I live in Dardanelle, AR and level is expected to top 45.5 feet. The highest ever recorded was 44.1. My home is not in danger, but many are. It will shut down many road ways including I-40. I work...
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    Walk in area question

    When I was in Wyoming antelope hunting 2017 I hunted a couple walk in areas. We camped on a small piece of BLM that bordered the walk in area. The walk in area was open from lets say 9/01/2017 till 11/30/2017. We set up camp the evening two days prior to the opener on 10/15/2017. The day...
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    Yellowstone bound

    Well it is booked. Told the wife I would take her to Niagara Falls for our 30th anniversary this year. She said she would rather take a trip with our boys(26 and 15). So I pitched her on a trip to Yellowstone and she bit. Flying into Salt Lake and renting a truck for a little over a week...