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    Unit 61 archary elk in co

    So if I'm lucky enough to draw this tag this yr...should I hunt the first 10 days of Sept or the last 10 days of season...
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    Unit 61 Wyoming

    I recently scouted this unit and was disappointed in what I saw. The biggest antelope I found was around 76 inches. I also heard that the bigger ones move in later is this true? . I scouted more on the northern end of the unit. Can anyone give me some insight on where the bigger bucks might be...
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    Co wt

    here are a few pics of my co wt i shoot a few weeks back. proly the biggest wt ill kill in my life! 195 7/8.
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    Co wt

    Here is my 2013 deer. I may never kill a deer or even see a deer this big the rest of my life...I watched this deer all summer long and new he was going to be good but I didn't know he would be this big...he scored195" 7/8. This is a once in a lifetime buck for me. Thanks to my great wife and...
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    new EBJ..

    what does everyone think of the new one??
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    S61 sheep tag

    well i dident draw a sheep tag this yr but my best friends dad did!! looks like we will be going to S61 to look for a big ram this yr!! any help would be great! its the dec. hunt so that should make it that much funner during the rut! good luck to all that drew tags this yr!!
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    co goat and wy bull

    well it was an other good yr for me! i killed a bull in wy with my bow in 3 days and killed my mt goat in co in 1 day! now to start it all over again next yr! happy new year everyone
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    Co goat!!!

    well i just found out today that i drew my CO mtn goat tag..........................hahahahhahahahha....i really did..good luck to everyone else:)
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    unit 40 for elk?

    anyone hunted unit 40 for elk in CO?? if so how was it, any big bulls, hows the public land? thanks for any help.
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    winter kill

    so is the western wy winter kill as bad as i hear it is?? going to region G this fall...if there is any deer left...
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    best pack??

    im headed to WY this fall on a backpack hunt and looking for a new pack..plan on being away from the truck 6 or 7 days....whats everyone think i should buy for this hunt??
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    76 or 61 for elk??

    whats everyone think about hunting 61 or 76 for elk.......
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    my 09 Alaska hunt

    My 09 Alaska hunt
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    water filter

    whats the best light wight water filter out there??
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    best place to get topo maps for region G in WY?? some good ones...with everything on them...thanks!
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    does anyone have any ideas about a good sheep unit in CO?? i do live here but im just trying to figer out what to do this year...
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    CO sheep

    anyone have any ideas for sheep in CO. i do live here but im trying to decide what to do this year for sheep...thanks for the help!
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    WY winter kill....

    just wondering if anyone has an idea how bad the winter kill is going to be in the western part of the state?? around G and H?? thanks for the info
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    wy mule deer

    any ideas for hunting big mule deer in western wy in sept??