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  1. prhunter

    Favorite Beer

    Samuel Adams Boston Lager is my top choice. Guinness right after the Sammys
  2. prhunter

    New Mexico antelope applications since A-Plus was eliminated

    I no longer apply for antelope in NM due to their low number of tags available for NR. I do still put in for deer, elk, barbary sheep.
  3. prhunter

    2020 draw results thread

    Results are out... Unsuccessful for me :cry:
  4. prhunter

    Colorado Wyoming

    my situation is that I have applied for hunts in Colorado which may be at the same time as possible Wyoming hunts (if I apply). Just wanted to know my CO results before applying in WY but I guess that wont happen this year. PP in WY I guess.
  5. prhunter

    2020 draw results thread

    I'm on the same but... hopefully this Wed
  6. prhunter

    Colorado Wyoming

    Does anyone know if Colorado will release their deer/elk draw results before the Wyoming antelope/deer deadline this year?
  7. prhunter

    2020 draw results thread

    X2 on the above
  8. prhunter

    April 7...Decision Day

    I put in for muzzy elk this year as my first choice. 1st rifle elk as second... lets see what happens. Good luck to all.
  9. prhunter

    Cabin Build - Timeline with lots of pics.

    Looking good. TFS!
  10. prhunter

    Newbie from Dallas TX

    welcome from far west texas
  11. prhunter

    Winter Texan says hi y'all

    welcome from el paso, tx
  12. prhunter

    Texas New Member

    welcome from el paso, tx. good luck in CO.... I put in there as well
  13. prhunter

    Newby from NY

    welcome from a former 315er
  14. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Called Knight customer service and the highly recommended the Federal BOR Looked bullets. I'm ordering some to try them out. Has any one had any experience using PowerBelt bullets on elk?
  15. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Looking around in my storage shed I found this rifles original box. Turns out that it is an original Knight Disc Deluxe with a 22" barrel. Possibly made late 90's early 2000s. More that likely a 1:28 rate of twist. I just need to figure out what bullets to use for my possible Colorado elk hunt.
  16. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Sorry... should be rifles not idles.... lol correction has been made
  17. prhunter

    Knight DISC

    Greeting all, I have an older 50 cal Knight DISK. It uses the original DISK 209 primer ignition system (orange). The barrel is kinda short... under 26" for sure. My question is... does anyone know when were those rifles being manufactured and the rate of twist on those barrels? Thanks in advance.
  18. prhunter

    hello from ND

    Hello and welcome
  19. prhunter

    6% non-resident draw tags

    I was under the impression that a unit had to have at least 13 tags available to potentially offer up to 1 tag for the non-guided-non-reds hunter.
  20. prhunter

    CO 1st rifle elk vs. muzzy elk

    I'm still on the fence on whether to do Colorado 1st rifle elk or muzzy elk. The unit I'm looking at has similar draw odds between the two hunts but the success rate changes quite a bit with obviously 1st rifle being higher. This unit will have OTC archery deer/elk/bear hunters during the...