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  1. Matthoek21


    It's been kind of quiet for reports and success thus far. Anymore updates on what the elk are doing? Headed in for the last week of archery in S.W. CO. and just wondering what to expect? Should be wide open about now?? Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. Matthoek21

    Baggage Handling

    Hope my bow is intact. Just watched as they loaded my case on the plane to CO. It fell off the trailer and bounced twice on the runway. Guess I better sight it in when I get to CO. I packed it tight with clothes to help with mistreatment by the airlines. Guess I'll see when I get there. At least...
  3. Matthoek21

    Kryptek Altitude

    I just received my Eastmans Hunting Journal with the new collection from Kryptek called Altitude. It is sweet looking and i like the tall cuts, but I almost fell out of my chair when I saw the prices. Either way I think I need to start a GoFund Me page or if someone has about $3750 disposable...
  4. Matthoek21

    Sitka Primaloft Jacket and Pants

    $150 $170 Or $300 for both. Both items are in perfect condition. Probably been worn no more than 6 times. No rips tears or stains.
  5. Matthoek21

    Base Camp

    Last week This week! What a difference a week makes.
  6. Matthoek21


    All, Had a great trip with forum member Dan aka finesandtines out ut of Tampa. Finally met with a great forum member Colorado Cowboy. I drove out and met Roger(Colorado Cowboy) at his house. He's a great guy and enjoyed telling stories. Went to unit 74 first and didn't hear any bugling...
  7. Matthoek21

    Black Mesa/Curecanti

    Thinking about trying this area for archery elk. Received maps yesterday and have talked to the game warden. Looking for some trail and road info on this area?? Seems like some long roads and hiking trails in there. Just hoping this area is remote enough for bivouac style. Any info or...
  8. Matthoek21

    Filter vs Iodine?

    When in the backcountry of the Rocky Mountains where finding mostly good sources of water, why do some prefer a filter vs just dropping iodine tablets along with the tablet that removes iodine flavor? I've always used tablets and never a filter. Tablets seem to be easier/lighter/smaller and less...
  9. Matthoek21

    Tax Refund Fraud

    Just wanted to pass this along. Notice the fact that we've heard nothing about this and nothing has been done to stop this. Very informative video.
  10. Matthoek21

    Christmas in Keystone, CO

    Just booked our Christmas ski vacation at Keystone. We are going December 22nd thru 27th. Thinking about trying ice fishing for the first time, if Dillon Reservoir is thick enough. My wife actually suggested this. All three of my boys love fishing. Talked to Alpine Fishing Adventures. Anybody...
  11. Matthoek21

    Quick Question?

    If I want to build points for WY elk(or any species for that matter) all I have to do is wait and buy a point?? I do not need to apply for a tag before January I correct? I think I am understanding this correctly. WY just seems more complicated for some reason.
  12. Matthoek21

    My Dilema

    Alright so I've archery hunted elk in Colorado 7 different times. Just used 9 points on Unit 49 unsuccessfully. So now I'm back at 0. Either way I'm ready to get back at it. All my hunting buddies are tired of all the hard work and limited success(0 animals harvested). We've all had...
  13. Matthoek21

    Heading In

    Heading up in the morning for 8 days. Can't wait. Drove in today and it was 38 degrees at 3:00 at 10,000 feet. After rain and clouds passed saw that the mountain above 11,500 got a dusting of snow. Really excited to get started. Hope we're lucky! This is the moment I've been waiting for. Will...
  14. Matthoek21

    Pack List for 8 Nights

    Here is my list for 8 nights in the backcountry. Tell me the changes you suggest. FOOD: 7 Mountain House Meals. 3 breakfast Mountain House Meals. 5 packets of Tuna in foil packages. 4 Isagenix protein bars. 8 rice crispy treats 2 bags of jerky 40 pieces of gum Gonna take at least one hoagie...
  15. Matthoek21

    Jet Boil for two?

    Here is my question. Me and a buddy are splitting the weight on several items and we were wondering if we both need our jet boils? We are carrying Mountain House meals and were wondering if we can just use one for both of us?? If so is two small cans of fuel enough for 8 nights in the...
  16. Matthoek21

    WTB Packable Rain Jacket

    Looking to buy good packable rain jacket. May even be willing to trade a pair of Sitka 90% pants or other items if anyone is looking for any Sitka gear. I have some decent items. PM me if interested or have something.
  17. Matthoek21

    Just Boots

    I need new hiking boots for my bivouac style bow hunt. I've had Asolo in the past. They were fine. Was interested in the Lowa Ticam GTX. Does anyone have any experience with this boot with heavy pack and long days. Foot fatigue is my biggest concern and waterproof after that? My Asolo were fine...
  18. Matthoek21

    Montana contact and help

    Ok guys not wanting to come across as someone wanting your honey hole. I have a few posts over the years and have been an Eastmans subscriber for about 10 years. I have been building elk and deer points in CO for 8 years. Here is my deal. I have always wanted to hunt MT but never have. Honestly...
  19. Matthoek21

    CO. Unit 21 or Unit 61?

    I have 6 archery points right now as a non-resident. I have been studying these units for some time, but am wondering if anyone can give me their personal thoughts on which unit I should apply for. Anyone who may have hunted both or at least knows a little bit about one or the other. I have...
  20. Matthoek21

    Colorado preference points

    Could use some advice. I currently have 6 pts built and was initially looking at hunting Unit 61. Seems like every year 61 has continued to increase. Now I am looking at possibly another unit. Units I am considering are 76, 66, 40, and 851. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on which unit...