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  1. WyoKid85

    Shoot or Pass?

    Pass for me....but I've shot a few deer and if this were my first, it would of be a shooter.
  2. WyoKid85

    Sleeping bag fill???

    I recently got a slumber jack down wind 20 degree bag in dry down. I used it in Alaska for a sheep hunt and slept under a tarp - I was concerned with the rain and drizzle but the bag performed flawlessly. I used a zero degree para xl insulated pad. I was never cold and some nights dipped...
  3. WyoKid85

    Wyo native - New to Forum

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to not only learning from others but also helping others where I can with gear, strategy, experience and stories.
  4. WyoKid85

    Wyo native - New to Forum

    Just a shout-out to everyone on the forum. As a way of introduction, I grew up in Wyoming hunting everything from rabbits to moose with my Dad and brothers. Left when I went to school and then joined the military. Returned after 15 years when I got married and stayed for 12 years until...
  5. WyoKid85

    Who else is...

    IMHO the best workout is climbing mountains with a pack during the off season. Don't get me wrong as I do cardio and strength training but it is that uneven stepping, uneven terrain and need to keep you balance when moving up a mountain that I find most help. Plus, you get a little scouting in...