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    Eastmans' MRS Layer in BaseMap!

    I also am considering TagHub, but as a long time subscriber I hate to see page after page dedicated to promoting it. It takes away from the great articles, example Aug/Sept Hunting Edition.
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    Idaho Upping Prices?

    I also believe that Idaho is under rated, and decided I was not sitting home because I didn't draw a premium tag. We decided on a unit purchased our tags researched areas and entry points mostly using hunting apps and our bow hunt starts Sept. 6. Stay tuned !!
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    Who has had a hunting buddy back out?

    We had a great time.
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    Who has had a hunting buddy back out?

    Been planning this years hunt for a year my Hunting Partner of many years has been all in. He got the time off , purchased new boots, new pack, exercising etc and today he backs out. His loss, we cashed in 11 elk points and pulled a deer tag and the hunt will go on. My concern is spiking out...
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    Max points?

    Saw a group of good bulls along the Umpqua last week, I would love to have a tag in that unit.
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    General deer preference points

    I have been purchasing elk bonus points for 13 years and more recently preference points for general deer. I have a plan for the elk points but started purchasing the general deer points without much though other than maybe one day on my big LE elk hunt I also could have a deer tag, currently I...
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    Why bring a Generator to camp?

    I have been going over the pros and cons of bring a small generator to hunting camp this year. The con's, gas cans, smell, cords, someone stealing the generator, the small propane heaters keep the the tent warm, the lanterns work for light, the double burner stove heats and cooks all my food...
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    OHV's 50" width restrictions

    I have been planning on taking my UTV 54" wide on this years Sept elk hunt in the BigHorns but with width restrictions on different trails, I'm not sure it will be worth it. Any members have any insite on this ? I will be in unit #45.
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    Unit 45 Elk

    I drew a type 9 tag and have been preparing for the hunt ever since I read successfull:D:D. I am going DIY will be setting up a nice tent camp in the unit, I have a couple friends coming and going and will have a UTV for access and heavy loads. It would be nice to be able to contact other DIY...
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    Morning I am new to the site. I am 53 and a life long bowhunter, my passion is elk hunting and have hunted in 6 states over the years mostly guided because of time and distance I live out East. I was getting a note from my wife to go every other year but now its every year and I have started...