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  1. BrettKoenecke

    Magazine cut off

    Its a fantastic feature allowing autoloader to be made safe without emptying the magazine. Also love the one touch ability to make the shotgun ready to fire. I love it and think its a grand function to have.
  2. BrettKoenecke

    Blaze Orange Vest?

    SCORE! Check this out:
  3. BrettKoenecke

    Blaze Orange Vest?

    Anybody got a blaze orange vest that they really like? I've been using an uninsulated/unconstructed UA blaze vest with a couple of pockets in the front and kinda feel like its time for an upgrade. My mom could probably put in a new zipper for me but I'd like something a bit more substantial...
  4. BrettKoenecke

    RCBS Metallic Reloading Intro Kit?

    A kit is a good way to get started. So is a garage sale. I started with a Hornady kit myself and added to the list in pieces here and there. Its a rewarding hobby, welcome to the crowd.
  5. BrettKoenecke

    Truck Tires - on/off RD

    I like Michelins as described further up in the thread. I am running Kumho Crugen right now and like them as well as the Michelins so far. We'll see how long they last but so far, so good. I run alot of highway miles but am off road now and again as well. I like quiet and I like gas mileage.
  6. BrettKoenecke

    Upgrade My Scope / Suggestions

    Depends greatly on what your rifle is. Not your chambering, what is the brand and model of rifle?
  7. BrettKoenecke

    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    I have a .264, an original M70 with the 26" stainless barrel. Its plenty gun for elk. Partitions, AccuBond or Barnes, all good bullets. One of my hunting buddies has a 6.5Creedmoor and was telling me on a mule deer hunt how much better it was than my chambering, going to take it elk hunting as...
  8. BrettKoenecke

    Changes to SD NR hunting, WOW!

    The SD GFP has deer licensing about as messed up as could possibly be. If they had set out with the express goal of screwing up the system as much as they possibly could, they could not have done a better job of it. Unfortunate but true. We had a system where the license draw was fair to...
  9. BrettKoenecke

    New Unit in South Dakota

    I see that there's a new Prairie Elk unit open in South Dakota for this year. All of Harding County comprises unit 35 for prairie elk with a whopping 76 day season. Sept 15 to Oct 31, and Dec 1 to Dec 31. Eight tags to the lucky drawers. Sounds like a great hunt for someone!
  10. BrettKoenecke

    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Friday morning in NW South Dakota!
  11. BrettKoenecke

    Elk Deer Combo Conundrum

    When you Montanans get back from hunting, maybe you can help me out with this conundrum. Some advice will be helpful. I want to go elk hunting every year I can. I like to go deer hunting also. I have a new associate here at the office who is from a ranch in Custer County, MT, about 5 hours away...
  12. BrettKoenecke

    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    We had a fantastic trip to Wyoming. Guided into the wilderness, we went three for three on 6pt bulls and got a wolf to boot.
  13. BrettKoenecke

    Solar Charger

    I use my iPhone for maps and GPS. Going into the backcountry this fall and thinking a solar charger would be the ticket. Anybody got one/use one they like?
  14. BrettKoenecke

    Would you do this for that deer? Would you? The record seems to disclose that Earley possessed sheds from a prior year and set out to scare Ericsson away from what would become Earley's state record deer. Looks to me like...
  15. BrettKoenecke

    What is Colorado's First Season like?

    Hey guys Thanks for all the help last fall. Our landowner (GMU 8) has First season open (we went third season in 2013) and we are thinking of giving it a try. This place has resident elk in my opinion. I don't think there were migrating elk but I suppose its possible. I say that because I...
  16. BrettKoenecke

    Whether to go back or not?

    I went to Colorado elk hunting for the first time. I had a tag for Unit 8 along with three other guys. Two had tags for 191. I hunted Saturday evening through Thursday morning at about 9 when we drove home. I saw about 100 elk over the week. Only one other guy saw a branch antlered bull the...
  17. BrettKoenecke

    South Dakota Unit 3

    It's October 15 and all is now said and done. On Sunday afternoon, I was on the edge of a cliff overlooking a deep canyon and poking along stillhunting the edge, looking down for elk. When I got to the forest service fence I walked out to the edge one last time and found a 6 point bull in a...
  18. BrettKoenecke

    Garmin RINO and maps

    Hi guys I bought a Garmin Rino 650 at my partners urging. So far it seems to be ok. Its getting time to go hunting and I am wondering how others have found it best to install maps on it. I need both South Dakota and Colorado this fall. I dont know if i should buy the maps or download free...
  19. BrettKoenecke

    Unit 8/191

    Hi everyone We're headed out to Unit 7/8 and 191 for 3rd season. Never done alot of elk hunting and am always scrounging for advice and tips. And always grateful also. We will be up near Diamond Peak and the Maxwell Ranch. Anything that anyone knows or thinks or thought about elk hunting...
  20. BrettKoenecke

    Colorado Unit 7, 3rd season

    OK so in the world of crazy shit, here goes. I planned a trip to Colorado this year. Got a cabin rented, going with three other guys, drew tags for the 3rd season. Nice, looking forward to it, a change of pace from moose hunting in CA. Never really been elk hunting before. Then I find out...