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  1. Prerylyon

    How to cook rabbit meat?

    Well, I can't help ya there 😂; but if you can tolerate the peas, it's a mighty tasty way to prepare a bunny. 🤠
  2. Prerylyon

    CO Governor Adds 3 Animal Rights Activists to Wildlife Commission

    This thread is from awhile back, but it shows why hunters need to be active at the ballot box and support candidates that support your way of life. No candidates of either party are perfect. Far from it. But, sometimes there is something to be said for supporting the lesser of two evils, even...
  3. Prerylyon

    Heading Out to the Mountains

    10 days to go before I head out to chase Ursa Americanus on the west slope; it's a great time of year. Godspeed to all!
  4. Prerylyon

    Moon Phase Effect on Rocky Mtn Fall Bear?

    I won't be hunting over 'bait'; unless my buddy fills his elk tag. 😉
  5. Prerylyon

    Moon Phase Effect on Rocky Mtn Fall Bear?

    Just curious if you guys think the moon phase has strong influences (positive or negative) on black bear behavior during the early fall 'hyperphagia' feeding frenzy phase, specifically in the Rockies?
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    Social Media

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    Happy Father's Day!

    Happy Father's Day, Everyone! 🤠 May we honor our Fathers, both blood and mentored, and those of us who are Fathers, may we never forget our responsibilities
  8. Prerylyon

    To Many Elk in Eastern WY Article

    I had a similar experience few yrs ago as I considered buying a leftover whitetail doe tag near Buffalo; over in those east slope units that were near where I was antelope hunting on another tag. Most of that area, as most know, is tied up in private; plus the whitetails are largely on the...
  9. Prerylyon

    2023 draw results

    Colorado was good to me this yr.
  10. Prerylyon

    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    Meanwhile, somewhere near Laramie Peak, 2024, the 'right' hunter sets afield, with 6 elk tags...🤣
  11. Prerylyon

    The 1 Thing You Learned- Cooking Wild Game

    Dark, red, tender meats get cooked fast and hot. Preferably over charcoal or wood coals. Treat it like a fancy steak. Tough, working muscles are best for braising, stews, chili, curries or making sausages.
  12. Prerylyon

    How to cook rabbit meat?

    This! Stupid easy. Or This! (Note: for this one, I ran our 'crockpot' knock off 'instapot' for 20min, the time in the actual recipe seemed waaay too short, it turned out awesome, pics...
  13. Prerylyon

    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    Sure? Some tags will be available; someone might as well have a go at it. 🤠
  14. Prerylyon

    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    Look on the bright side? The meadows will be lush, the alpine beaver ponds will be full and fresh. I'm gonna go do some trout fishing. 🤠
  15. Prerylyon

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas to all of us gun-toting, boot-wearing, cast-iron pan-using, tag-dreamers, and campfire-sitters ! 🤠🎄
  16. Prerylyon

    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    I've had a real busy summer and fall; drew no tags out west, so I've been off the grid here for quite some time. Some minor family drama, and being on a messy, albeit interesting project at work have also done their part to keep me away. But, things are starting to level off enough that I hope...
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    I am a WOLVERINES fan 2day!

    They both beat the Nittany Lions; but Michigan gets my nod! 😉
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    I am a WOLVERINES fan 2day!

  19. Prerylyon

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving All! I missed serving the 1pm CST dinner target by only 40min; oh the family drama. :LOL:
  20. Prerylyon

    Artemis 1 - Back to the moon

    The company I work for here in Cedar Rapids, IA provided the radio communications equipment for Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo. Alas, my Team doesn't have the comm package on Artemis, but we have something on almost every plane in the DoD inventory, along with payloads on the Kill Vehicle and...