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  1. Doe Nob

    2017 elk success thread, post em up

    My buddy and I tagged out in SW NM on 2nd rifle. Hard tag to draw so we went in a full week early. We were into shooter bulls EVERY time we went out scouting. The country was rough and we were plagued by equipment issues - the truck blew a fuse and fried the battery, then the rv battery...
  2. Doe Nob

    WY tag price increases :(

    Thanks alot for boning the non-residents. Taxation without representation. $1200 for special elk? $2700 for cow bison? where is the emoji for the mouth fart noise?
  3. Doe Nob


    Lots of wildly different information about wolves and how they are impacting the animals in the Gila and surrounding area. Hard to know what to believe. I'll be out there in October, but thought it was a good topic to discuss. Who's got information?
  4. Doe Nob

    RV camping tips?

    Taking a toy hauler into remote area of New Mexico in the middle of October for an elk hunt. The unit is mostly BLM and state but you can't stay on the state, so you move around a lot by truck and ATV. I've not done much camping out of an RV before, what are some tips you recommend? For...
  5. Doe Nob

    NV MRS complaint

    I am a huge fan of Eastman's, have subscribed to both magazines over the years, seen all the TV shows and have a stack of DVD's to boot. They have been instrumental in getting information out and helping people who had trouble understanding the draw process in various states get involved...
  6. Doe Nob

    Ones that got away - CO

    Spent 5 points and drew a high country deer tag. We saw 2 does the whole time hunting, but constant high winds and getting blown off the mountain by a blizzard on day 5 didn't help. The state has pushed this hunt start date back to past labor day to minimize hunter/hiker conflict and I think...
  7. Doe Nob

    Teal hunt

    Went last Saturday east of Houston. It was like 87 degrees at 5 am, just been brutally hot here in September. Teal hunting down here all the rice has yet to be cut and there's a lot of people who want to get out on Saturdays. So not as many places to go as when regular season rolls around in...
  8. Doe Nob

    Dropped GPS - central CO

    Long shot, but I figure I would try. You dropped your new GPS unit headed out on Sep 11th. You had just spoken to me while I was breaking camp. You said you had a kid in the hospital and had to hustle back. I was camped within line of sight of Kremmling CO. Pm me and I'll ask you more...
  9. Doe Nob

    Down Fill level? 650 vs 800

    I bought a Mountain hardware packable puffy jacket for mountain hunting this fall, it was a great deal (under $100). It was real cold in the mornings where we were...
  10. Doe Nob

    Rei Customer Service thumbs up

    Did a scouting trip in the CO wilderness a couple weeks ago. I have some carbon lock REI branded trekking poles I have had for about a year and am very happy with. Was coming down some VERY steep loose stuff after sunset on the way back to camp on day 2, my left foot stepped on a rock that...
  11. Doe Nob

    Food Weight?

    Just curious what everyone has in their packs for extended hunts (5 days +). I'm getting mine together, I think I will be at 10 lbs for 7 days. Breakfast and dinner are dehydrated meals, everything else is not. How heavy is your food?
  12. Doe Nob

    Kuiu Icon 7200 test run

    Did 3 days in the back country with the Kuiu 7200. Pack felt good the whole time, very adjustable to fit your body, more pockets than I got to use. We didn't really push the limits of the pack with only a 3 day trek, but the compression options are great. After we had camp set we had to...
  13. Doe Nob

    Squeaky boots?

    I have a pair of perfekt 10's that fit like a glove, but after 5 or so seasons, they are real squeaky when I walk. I need to waterproof them again, but what kind of leather conditioner or what else should I rub on them to keep em quiet. I think it is the leather tongue under the laces that is...
  14. Doe Nob

    AZ NR draw ? (5/5 allocation)

    So as stated in the MRS, there's a 10% cap on NR tags. The state to give everyone a better chance is now going to reserve 5% of NR tags for the Bonus point draw and 5% for the random draw. In every hunt category EXCEPT sheep and bison, the cap is by individual hunt. So - my question is on...
  15. Doe Nob

    AZ otc archery trip

    Since I had my license already and a few days of vacation to burn before the end of the year, I booked a guided OTC archery mule deer hunt in central AZ w/ A3 at the end of December. Didn't punch my tag but had a blast in some beautiful country. We got around 100 yards 4 out of 5 days from...
  16. Doe Nob

    String Silencers?

    What is everyone using that they like on their compound? I've been running monkey tails and they do work great and have a low profile, but they dont' seem to hold up worth a darn. And at $6 a pair twice a year at my bow shop, I'm thinking its time to look at other options :confused:
  17. Doe Nob

    Orange Theory Fitness

    Been doing the workouts for a couple months now and I really like them. It's high intensity interval training rotating between treadmill, rowing machine and floor exercises with bodyweight or light dumbells. You wear a heart rate monitor and it keeps track of how many minutes you are spending...
  18. Doe Nob

    Double prong buck?

    Myself and a friend just got back from our Wyoming rifle hunt in Sweetwater county. I shot a buck with a double prong, and the more we have talked the more I thought about it, I dont' think I've ever seen a buck exactly like this. Anyone have pics of something similar on the hoof or the wall?
  19. Doe Nob

    TPWD Javelina

    Had my hunt down near mexico this last weekend. Nice time of year to be outside. Hunt was tripod stands and they had feeders running. I have no idea how you would hunt this area any other way. I shot one Sunday morning, it went into the nastiest thicket I have ever been in. A tangled...
  20. Doe Nob

    Peccary eyesight?

    I have a hunt in a couple weeks I drew through the Texas system on a WMA. Its a javelina hunt. I want to bow hunt and try and call one in, as the film I've seen of that is pretty awesome. The hunt area requires everyone to wear hunter orange, vest and hat, because shotguns with slugs are...