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    Prairie dogs for fun

    Is there a place to get a map of current locations of prairie dog locations?
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    Fire Ban in Wyoming

    I am hunting in Wyoming in October for Antelope. We are staying in a wall tent with a wood burning stove for our heat source. If there is a fireban can I still used a wood stove or do I need to find other mean?
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    DIY 1st time Antelope Unit 7

    Just looking for advice on this unit. I have never been there and I am wanting to get info for our first hunt. There is a lot of walk-in area and the big chunk of public in the SW corner We don't want to crowd other hunter so I don't know where we are going to set up camp yet. Any advice we...
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    Road Rules

    Hello all, I recently downloaded the onyx maps and started planning my Wyoming antelope trip for this October. I see lots on little red lines that show roads but no name. Some are going through private land that lead to BLM of grasslands. I have heard about the roads out there and I for sure do...
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    Maps for Antelope hunting

    Planning my fist trip to Wyoming this year for an Antelope. Luckily me and buddies got drawn so now we are all kinds of excited. I keep reading through various post of how important maps are. Where is the best place to get them? We plan on hunting a lot of walk in area so I would like something...
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    Antelope Range

    Hello All, I am planning my first DIY antelope for the upcoming season. I am worried about distances. I am using a browning .3006 and I am a long time shooter and a experienced hunter. However here in Arkansas you won't have many far shots and I'm concerned with the amount of drop my bullet...
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    Antelope draw

    Just entered my first draw for antelope. How will I be notified about what zones I got. Email, mail.... Secondly, there were no doe tags left for the zones I wanted could there potentially be some left over to purchase at a later date?
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    Preference point or not?

    Looking at unit 7,9,11 for my first DIY antelope hunt. I bought a point back in October. When I apply online it asked me with a preference point or not. One tag is 316 and the other is 286. Is this an additional preference point hence the higher price or do I have to pay a fee to use my...
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    Antelope after the kill

    Sent a few email to the game and fish in Wyoming and have not got a response yet so I'm reaching out. Hopefully we will have some succes on our 2017 antelope hunt. I'm just wondering what to do once we harvest. Do you have to check the animal at a station or website? Or do you just place the...
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    Harvest Reports

    I just to see if I am reading these harvest reports correctly for antelope in WY. At the top is has the number broken down by the different types of tags. The success of rates in the corresponding rows are much lower that the rows in the pooled non resident. So which success rate should I be...
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    Non resident antelope Special and full price permit?

    Can anyone explain what the difference is in a Non resident special permit and a Nonresident Full price permit? One is 600 and the other is 300 ( after application fee). What are the pros and cons? Thanks.
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    Tent for Wyoming

    I am planning a trip for Wyoming antelope in 2017. We are going to camp on public land while we hunt. Any suggestions on what type of tent would be good for a hunter on a budget. Last thing I want to do is get out there and my tent not be able to withstand the elements. Any info would be...
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    Antelope zone 11

    Hello all, This is my first post in a forum but have enjoyed reading for some time. I am planning to do a DIY Antelope hunt next year and have been doing tons of research and feel as though I have a warm and fuzzy. Alas, I still have questions. I have my sights set on zone 11 I know there are...