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    Best maps to purchase for the different elk zones? thanks
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    Namibia 2018 or 2019

    Looking for someone or a group of bowhunters to join me on a Bowhunt for plains game! I have hunted over there before and the price are good right now! Plenty of big kudu bulls and Eland with other great trophies! The place is very remote and one of the many reason I enjoyed it so much! You...
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    Question on returning tags

    I know its getting late in the day and draw but trying to decide if I should apply for a elk tag? I do know that you can return your tag if you have a medical reason in which I do! I have enough non-resident elk points to have chance at a tag! Just wondering if I get to keep MY points and loose...
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    Brown Bear Kodiak Island?

    I have been thinking about booking a Brownie hunt in 2018. Just in the early stags of fining the right outfitter for me. Looking for respectable bear nice and mature bear not world class! I would like to try it with a bow, but if it comes down to the wire I would Take one with a gun. Has...
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    Water Bladders

    I have a couple different brands of water bladders. Just that they taste like plastic unless I mix something with them. Looking and willing to try something different if there's any good advice out there. I know that I need to drink more water on my hunting trips. Thanks!
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    advice On elk hunting WY unit 63/64

    I was looking at units 63/64 I know there's some wilderness that I cant hunt, but how is the elk numbers off the wilderness area? going to bowhunt! Also was looking at unit 50 which is now unit 54 and not for sure how many tags north of clarks river they will give out! I may decide to try and...
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    Unit 30 Elk

    I hunted elk in unit 30 in 2005! I was wondering how the elk are doing there or have the wolves pretty much shut them up?
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    unit 121 WY Elk l

    I have 5 points for elk, looking to bowhunt 2013 in WY!! So many choice just looking for a good option! Have looked into unit 121! Hunting the whole archery season would be a option, iam a non resident. If anybody would point me in the right directions would be awsome? Just want to use my...