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    Bighorn Sheep?

    Any fellas on here been on a bighorn hunt ? Would ya go few days early before opening day? My plan was to go up day before but I've heard that guides are set up on Rams for opening day and after first couple days the Rams bail off tops down into timber and are harder to hunt. I should draw this...
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    Harvest Reports

    I would be looking at the total success rate of the tag your interested in.
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    Reminiscing !!!

    Yeeeaahhhh Buddy !!!
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    Reminiscing !!!

    After a tough season this year I've been thinking back to 9/18/2015. I'll let pics tell the story!!
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    Like to thank my brother for all he done on this hunt to make it happen!
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    Congrats to my father in law. After being totally blind since the late 80's he's still getting it done!! This man amazes me with all he still accomplishes in life!!! Much respect and love!
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    Nate Strong the Poacher

    Got this right!!
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    Question ?

    Anyone know if ya missed putting in for points in first draw if ya can still go point only option on 2nd go around?
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    Question ?

    Any one know if ya forgot on first go around to get points can you still do point option on second draw?
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    Tick Tock!!!!

    And the anticipation gots me fired up on the moose,sheep and goat draws! Hoping should know this week
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    App Book

    Any word on when 2016 Application book might be out? I ready to start looking:cool:
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    Idaho leftovers?

    Having problems understanding Idaho's leftover tags. It say over 3400 general/whitetail tags available so isn't the general tags and general whitetail tags 2 different tags? Would like to apply for a controlled mule deer hunt next year and if the draw don't go my way I wouldn't mind going up and...
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    Arizona Deer

    Tomorrow is the deadline don't forget!!!!!!!!:D
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    Arizona Deer

    DON"T FORGET tomorrow is DEADLINE Deer and Sheep lady's and gents.
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    WY DRAW Results!!!!

    The website says draw results will be available by june 30 hmmmmmm , no date yet just BY JUNE 30th
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    Arrows ?

    Any body use the Easton bowfire shafts yet and any comments good or bad. Im thinking about trying some or maybe the Easton injections with the deep six system. If I use the bowfire arrows I already have enough broad heads if I go Deep six have to get all new broad heads also. So any info on...
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    Bulls are back!!!!!!

    Got the bulls back from the taxidermist.
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    Any success yet on moose in areas that opened today sept 10th?
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    Wy game and fish site says results will be posted 6/19/13 at 10 am. Good luck everyone!!