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  1. CrimsonArrow

    Here Come The Wolverines

    Well, at least the wolverines will help keep the wolf population in check
  2. CrimsonArrow

    Trail Cameras

    Moultrie. Inexpensive, great daytime photos, and unparalleled battery life. Not the greatest nighttime photos
  3. CrimsonArrow

    Does anyone still hunt turkeys?

    That appears to be segmented bull rush
  4. CrimsonArrow

    Spring 2024 turkey hunting

    With turkey numbers still on the low end, our strategy this year was to hit them hard and fast. Trail cameras in our best spots, along with boots on the ground scouting, made for a successful opener. My youngest son and I doubled down opening morning, by calling in two toms and a group of hens...
  5. CrimsonArrow

    Spring Fishing

    Have only had the boat out twice. Found fish both times but could only get them to bite the second time. Water temperature was 45 degrees, probably the coldest I’ve ever caught spring crappie up shallow
  6. CrimsonArrow

    Minnesota Black Bear

    My bear came back, and I have another one on a different bait. No daylight activity at this point. Having trouble uploading photos, but one is around 200# and the other is 300+
  7. CrimsonArrow

    Son’s first elk

    Great bull! Love it when all the planning comes together
  8. CrimsonArrow

    Minnesota Black Bear

    I picked up a leftover tag, and immediately had a decent bear hitting a bait on my property. Then the acorns started raining and I haven’t seen him since. I don’t expect much action for another week or two
  9. CrimsonArrow


    she’s still in there, go get her
  10. CrimsonArrow


    Been a great open water season so far. Been fishing around home a lot, and have been up to our Ontario cabin 3 times. We never take enough pictures
  11. CrimsonArrow

    Does anyone still hunt turkeys?

    We’ve put the sneak on quite a few birds. Not really as hard as people think it would be. Especially when you have a group of toms fighting down in a some low ground
  12. CrimsonArrow

    winter project completed

    T regardless of how she paddles, she’s definitely a looker
  13. CrimsonArrow

    Africa Lion Hunt Next Level

    I think the ph and hunter are both dipshits for taking that shot, and the “hunter” has no business sitting behind that magnificent animal for a trophy pic
  14. CrimsonArrow

    Does anyone still hunt turkeys?

    Me and my boys hunt them religiously here in central Minnesota. We’ve seen a noticeable decrease in numbers the last 3 years. My youngest son got his first with a bow last Saturday. It’s his 10th consecutive year of tagging a mature tom. It’s going to be tough hunting the next few years...
  15. CrimsonArrow

    Spring Giveaway!

    Thanks. Looks like a great package
  16. CrimsonArrow

    Idaho CWD Control Plans

    More animals will die from this culling than from cwd. At least in quantifiable terms
  17. CrimsonArrow

    New Ranger

    Nice rig. I’d have to put tracks on it for ice fishing
  18. CrimsonArrow

    Covid Altering Bear Behavior?

    The problem is, it’s like climate change and how much is human wrought. You know there’s some correlation, but determining the extent is impossible to quantify. Also, is there a reasonable solution?
  19. CrimsonArrow

    First Aid Kits

    2 in the truck, 1 smaller one in the pack
  20. CrimsonArrow

    Animals in Packs!

    Colorado muley, and Ontario moose. I have a picture of a big whitetail in a pack somewhere I’ll try to find