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    15X18 Davis wall tent $1,100

    Immaculate like new condition 2 zippered doors 2 windows 5” stove jack 5’ walls Includes all wall poles (no internal frame) Davis Carrie’s the angles and cut sheets if you want an internal frame.
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    Colorado Leftover and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Licenses Coming Up in August

    So now that the system worked in your favor are you going to forfeit your points so others can get through the system now???
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    Secondary Draw for Big Game Tags

    My kid got a 4th season buck tag and a really good muzzy bull tag!
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    2023 draw results

    33 straight years without drawing a moose.
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    I drew a Colorado G12 mountain goat tag. Any help is welcome.

    That tag comes with some strings attached. The Maroon Bells require a permit to camp and the permits are limited so you better secure a permit now for the dates you plan on hunting. As far as scouting goes you will need to acquire a permit for that as well.
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    75-25% for Colorado

    Not happy about the percentages. 90/10 was my preference. I guess we will have to stomach this for a while but I’m afraid they are going to apply this to first choice only and not fill the 75% using all 4 resident choices before awarding any tags to the NR. If that’s the case then us residents...
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    75-25% for Colorado

    So does this only apply to first choice for residents or do we now get 75% of all tags?
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    75 years old on hospice and got it done

    Well he made it longer than anyone thought he would. He passed earlier this week and said his life was complete knowing he got his moose. Going to miss hunting with that guy.
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    Your Best White Tail Buck...

    Here’s my kid’s
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    75 years old on hospice and got it done

    Well our expectations were pretty low. Would he be able to breathe up there? Would he be able to fulfill a life long dream? Would he die on us up there? Would we actually be able to find a bull that would stand there long enough on the right side of the truck (he couldn’t get out of the truck)...
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    Parks and Wildlife Commission License Distribution Workshop

    Always interesting to see how a NR wants to dictate tag allocation to residents. I have news for you residents would be willing to pay more for tags if we were assured we received 90% of the quota.
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    An explanation of residents frustration An interesting article that brings a lot of resident frustrations to light.
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    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    What concern is it of yours what residents pay for a tag? Why do NR think they are entitled to dictate policies in other states? If you choose to hunt in another state then you should accept their laws. You are free to comment and let your voice be heard but you also have to accept the will of...
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    Secondary Draw

    Or adopt a 90/10 split for residents. Not all youth are enthralled with doe/cow tags.
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    Secondary Draw

    Why shouldn’t youth get priority in the second draw? The only quota set aside for them in the primary draw are 15% of the antlerless deer, elk or antelope tags. There are no moose, sheep or goat tags set aside for youth, they are in the same pool as everyone else. I think the priority in the...
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    Colorado Sheep & Goat Results Are Out

    My kid is going sheep hunting. He drew a moose last year and he’s still too young for a drivers license. I got the usual UNsuccessful.
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    WGFD license proposals 2022, big cuts to Antelope.

    They need to end the OTC elk tags.
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    Walker Ranch?????

    Jimmy has a 30 year lease and he has purchased quite a bit of Walker ranch. He is who you need to talk to. You really don’t need access to the ranch to be successful in unit 2.