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  1. CrimsonArrow

    Elk and deer rifle hunt outfitters

    I’ve been assigned the task of lining up a hunt for fall of 2021 for myself and 2 others. We want to rifle hunt with zero points, and want a combo hunt with elk being primary. Fully or semi guided. I’ve done a bit of research so far, and Montana seems to be the best option. I’m looking for...
  2. CrimsonArrow

    New potential world record muley was

    Have you guys seen the new potential world record non typical archery mule deer. Absolute monster. I?m not a hater, but I?m glad to see just some regular guy take the record away from Cody Robbins. Like every other tv personality, he seems like a shameless self promoter. Congratulations to...
  3. CrimsonArrow

    Son?s first bowkill

    My 11 year old son got his first bowkill 2 nights ago. 4th deer, but first one he ever shot at with his bow. Nice mature doe. Hit her behind the shoulder, but high, taking out the far lung and the major artery beneath the spine. He?s pulling about 40# and shooting the 1 3/4? swacker...
  4. CrimsonArrow

    Eastmans tv show

    I just saw the episode of eastmans where Dan pickar is bowhunting elk in Idaho. Within the show was a subscriber video of two guys hunting elk in Arizona. They shot two giants at or above 400". The second guy left his overnight, and when they recovered it, the first thing they did was waste...
  5. CrimsonArrow

    Any of you guys hunting on a fused ankle joint?

    Hey guys, I read over ColoradoCowboys thread for a while, but didn't find the info I'm looking for, so I thought a new thread might get some good info. I shattered my left ankle on Monday, and the prospect of rebuilding the joint is very grim. There's just not enough bone or cartilage left to...
  6. CrimsonArrow

    Trespass or drop-camp archery hunt

    I am trying to put together an archery elk hunt for my 71-year old dad and myself. Would like to do it 2014, but could wait another year as long as my Dad's knees hold up. Here's what I'm looking for. Preferably trespass fee or drop camp during the rut. It would be nice if a few 300 bulls...
  7. CrimsonArrow

    Son's first turkey

    My 8-year old son shot his first turkey this morning. It also happens to be the first turkey ever shot on my Dad's 400 acres, since just lately the turkey have established a population there. We hunted hard for 7 days, and this jake was well-earned. I think he's hooked.
  8. CrimsonArrow

    What's the deal with Bison?

    I was just filling out my NR MooseSheepGoat app, and had never really thought about checking the box for bison. That is, until now. I am totally ignorant about this particular hunt, and knew there's a lot of you guys out there just loaded with knowledge. Are these bison truly wild? Are any...
  9. CrimsonArrow

    Black Rifles

    I'm thinking about purchasing an AR type weapon, and am leaning towards something in .223. Other than that, I have no clue as to which make/model I should look at. It would be used for some varmint hunting, but mostly just to have around. Any input? Thanks.
  10. CrimsonArrow

    First muley buck, and a dandy to boot!

    Here's a nice buck I got with my bow last week in Colorado. It's my first, and I am totally hooked!
  11. CrimsonArrow

    Application Time

    Well, it's that time of year to apply for non-resident Montana Sheep, Goat, and Moose tags. In past years, the MRS had info on public accessibility of hunting units. Now, I'm not sure where to get that info. With the revolving unit setup, non-residents must apply for different units...
  12. CrimsonArrow

    New to hunting

    One of my best friends lives in Portland and wants to get into hunting. He's hunted pheasants, grouse, and geese, but has never had the opportunity to big-game hunt. Starting out, he just wants to take something with a rifle and put some meat in the freezer. What would be his best chance for...
  13. CrimsonArrow


    What headlamp would you guys recommend for most hunting/outdoor activities? Preferably costing less than $50.
  14. CrimsonArrow

    Colorado unit 444

    Just wondering if anybody had info on unit 444. My dad and I are heading out in Sept on an archery hunt for elk and maybe deer in the Frying Pan area. I'm having a hard time getting info on elk numbers and trophy quality. First time in that area, and don't know what to expect. Appreciate...