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  1. Hilltop

    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    I am shopping for a few new hangers for Deer Euro mounts and a buddy is looking for a couple elk ones. I also know a taxidermist that is looking for a new supplier. There are plenty available online but I thought I would see if anyone on here makes them.
  2. Hilltop

    Wyoming General Elk party application

    It's a long shot but is anyone planning to use 6+ points for a general elk tag next year? I am interested in partying with someone for the draw. I have 1 point and likely won't be able to draw. 3.5+ points should draw. I am not looking for a hunting partner as I have a group of Wyoming...
  3. Hilltop

    Wyoming Family Hunt

    I took my wife and son out with me to camp, call elk, and hunt a doe antelope- the only tag I drew this year in Wyoming. We spent the first day trying to call elk in but the action was slow. We did get one bull talking but couldn't budge him off his cows and we had little light left to pursue...
  4. Hilltop

    Former Cabela's Employees Start Outdoor Company

    I thought some of you would find this interesting; It is run by all former Cabela's employees and based in Sydney NE.
  5. Hilltop

    Oklahoma Hog Hunt

    I have a group of 6 guys that want to do a weekend hog hunt. We prefer Oklahoma due to drive times but would consider North Texas if it was an amazing deal. Half the guys are coming from Laramie Wyoming and the others from Central Nebraska. Anyone have any recommended ranches/hunts? I have...
  6. Hilltop

    Youth only big game seasons

    My home state of Nebraska doesn't currently have any youth only big game seasons or hunts. In researching other states, I was able to find that Nebraska and Nevada are the only two states that do not offer some form of a youth only big game hunt. Some states offer state wide options for a...
  7. Hilltop

    Son's first deer!

    My son Terin loves to hunt more than any other activity. He recently told me he would toss all of his games, toys, and whatever else if he could go on a deer hunt. So of course Santa delivered a new pair of binoculars, some other hunting gear, and his first ever deer permit. He was very...
  8. Hilltop

    Gun Safe moving

    Any advice on how to move a gun safe across about 75 feet of lawn/frozen dirt and then through a privacy fence gate and into a set of french doors? I have a 48 gun safe in a garage that I want to move to an out building and have no idea how it should be done without killing one of my buddies...
  9. Hilltop

    Sad reminder to always put safety first Several safety rules that were violated here. I figured posting this would hopefully serve as a reminder to someone out there to hopefully avoid a terrible accident in the future.
  10. Hilltop

    Odessa Tx - Oct 14th-19th

    I'm going to be in the Odessa area October 14th-19th for work. I'm hoping to shoot a hog or two while I'm down there... anyone have any leads or pointers? I will have a couple half days available and then evenings as I'll be working during the day. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  11. Hilltop

    WTB used left hand bow

    I'm trying to help get a young guy started into bow hunting but really don't want to pay for a new setup. He is 6' tall so will need an adult model. Anyone have one they are willing to part with?
  12. Hilltop

    Kangaroos in Wyoming?

    Has anyone else heard of this...
  13. Hilltop

    New Fire in SE Wyoming

    Any of you planning to hunt Wyoming elk area 110 / deer area 78 should monitor this fire. It started in a bad spot in my opinion. It has the potential to get big quick with the windy dry forecast.
  14. Hilltop

    Laramie Tornado

    Pretty rare in the Laramie Valley- thought some of you may be interested in seeing this. It's not my video. My mom and several of my friends got video but nothing as clear as this guys.
  15. Hilltop

    WTB- Used Range Finder

    I have a buddy on a tight budget looking for a cheap range finder. He is just getting started into hunting (my fault). He has a wife, 3 kids, and very little free money to throw at anything other than bills. Anyone have one that still works ok they would be willing to sell cheap?
  16. Hilltop

    Nebraska takes a tough stance against poachers!

    This makes me happy- wish more states took poaching this seriously.
  17. Hilltop

    Another tom down... and some good fishing

    Had a buddy out from Wyoming for a 3 day turkey hunt. This tom went down 20 minutes into the hunt so we had plenty of time to fish. Fun weekend.
  18. Hilltop

    Wall Tent Sale

    If anyone is looking for a wall tent, Davis is running a decent sale right now. I use the 12x14 and love it. It sets up in about 30 minutes with 2 guys or about 45 minutes with one person.
  19. Hilltop

    2018 Youth Turkey

    My little guy had another great hunt this year. We skipped opening weekend since we had record low temps and snow. The upcoming weekend forecast looked bad as well so I decided to pull him out of school for an afternoon hunt yesterday. It went well... My strutting tom decoy needs a new fan...
  20. Hilltop

    Wyoming non-resident moose

    Just curious how many guys on here applied for Wyoming moose. I have talked to quite a few that decided not to apply this year since the tags went up. I threw my name in the hat for area 38... someone has to draw the random I guess. I'm hoping for a few less applicants to compete with.