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    338 Cal Rifles

    Might look at the 338 Edge. I'm waiting to shoot mine as soon as the weather warms a bit and the wind quits howling. If you have a few Shekels in yer pocket, check out Shawn Carlock's website and his 338 Edge +P...
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    hiking vs jogging to prepare

    I’d start hiking the ridge almost on a daily basis with yer pack and some weight. Get to 30lbs a couple weeks before you leave. Start adding in plyometrics and calf raises and you’ll be in good shape...
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    Crispi or kennatrec?

    I have both. Crispi hands down...
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    Measuring Jam Length or Rifle Seating Depth?

    An easy way to do it is cut two or three slits in the neck of a sized & used case. You want enough tension so the bullet slides into the neck and comes out of the chamber. Put a bullet in the case and slowly close the bolt and then remove. Measure your coal. Do it a couple times and you’ll...
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    Swarovski warranty

    I scratched a lens on my 8x42 EL’s. Sent them in knowing I’d be paying since it was my fault. However they upgraded to 10x42 at no extra cost and changed the center tab to reflect a 10x 42...
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    Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

    Look up Grangers. One of the few conditioners approved for Gore Tex. Wouldn’t use snow seal, mink oil or anything else on Gore Tex if it’s a high end boot...
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    wyoming guide for elk and deer

    61 is where I’d look for elk. An outfitter might have access to something in 119 for deer. Trails West is who I’d talk to first. 62 & 63 are other excellent choices for elk...
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    Best Western Caliber?

    I have a Manners CF and a McMillan CF. Prefer the Manners a bit more. You get what you pay for...
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    Wyoming considering a move?

    I'd go to Montana. But if you must, Rawlins would be my choice: decent housing prices as well as close to great hunting and fishing. Plus the weather is excellent year round with lots to do and great Mexican food...
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    Union Pacific Big Boy 4014

    My landlord back in college was 90 years old and a retired engineer for UP. He had lots of pictures on his walls of him running the Big Boys back in the 40’s. He also had lots of stories to go with them. Never appreciated the significance of those trains until I got older...
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    Pile pics..

    From a few years ago. First confirmed drake slam in Wyoming per the G&F.
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    The Mystery Ranch pack would've been nice to pack my mountain goat off a cliff in Colorado a few years ago. Skinning it out for a full body mount...
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    Sky Carp Success Thread

    This is one is the wartiest looking Ross I've ever bagged. Thinking his Viagra was working...
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    Waterfowl season is finally over

    Our season closes next weekend. This pic was from weekend before last. The ice is all gone and the river is opened up again. Hunted a corn and winter wheat field today. My 10 1/2 year girl chased a crippled goose 200 yards across a field and then carried it back. The mind is still there...
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    Brucellosis Testing for Elk

    Anyone ever receive a test tube kit from the G&F for brucellosis? The one I received is for elk. The G&F states they're working in conjunction with the USDA. Makes me nervous to send in a blood sample. The State could care less about elk when it comes to cattle. Seems like up in Pinedale a...
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    HB0112 Big & Trophy Game Licenses

    If I'm reading this right, this bill is to increase the percentage of licenses going to residents and significantly reduces the percentage of tags going to non residents. If so, you residents need to be contacting your legislative reps and asking for their support. Looks like they're also...
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    Elk area 30 late

    Long time lurker throwing out my first post Drew an area 30 late elk tag. Hunted deer in Idaho a few years ago. Gonna give elk hunting a try. Hoping folks might have a few pointers. I know the area is somewhat weather dependent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks