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    Preferred bugle call

    Phelps/Born and raised outdoors makes some real effective reeds and tubes. They are very easy to learn. They make several different reeds that you can try and guarentee one of them will work for you. Dirk Durham has some good reeds as well. Most people give up on reed calls for whatever...
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    Colorado Unit 66 Mule Deer

    MOHUNTER I have NOT EVER hunted 66 I am in same boat with 10 point NR. Just moved to neighboring NM and a lot closer to 66 CO. Looking at success rates history it appears you have a real good chance at bagging a buck. Not sure what kind of buck you guys are expecting? In talking with friends...
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    Wyoming Unit 34 Mule Deer

    Looking good Bob! Nice AZ buck.
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    Moving to New Mexico need some help please.

    Moving there later this month. Looking for any help on understanding the draw system etc. From what I gather, there are NO OTC deer and elk hunts on public land? I did not apply for New Mexico this year and did not plan on living there either but work has me on my way. I am an avid bow Hunter...
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    SW Montana--Gravelly Range

    It was a good hunt. Lots of snow. We hunted at 7500' and a foot of snow. Never bow hunted for elk with that much snow. We saw a decent amount of elk. Had several opportunities at Bulls. One was a 300" class heard bull my buddy missed at 34yards. He was too cold and frozen. Could not draw his...
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    SW Montana--Gravelly Range

    Anybody here of any fires in this region? How was the summer/Spring? Making a trip to the Vigalante cabin soon. Hoping to see some wildlife and snow on the Snowcrest Range. Have the wolves been spotted here recently? How many Grizzlies inhabit this country?? Bow season coming soon and looking...
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    Kryptek clothing pros and cons

    Any feedback from those who have worn any Kryptek gear? How does it compare to Kuiu or Sitka? A lot of spin offs from these extreme gear companies. They have a new alpine camo scheme called Altitude. Quality? Cost? Comfortable? Customer Service? Durability? Any info on this stuff will be...
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    Kenetrek 400 Mountain extremes or Lowa Tibet GTX Hi

    I have one heck of a delima. My wife has bought me 2 pair of boots mentioned above. She told me to pick which ones I like the best. They both feel very good however they are both pretty stiff boots. I generally put on 5-10 miles a day when hunting. The steeper and farther away from people and...
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    Central Wyoming permit Deer Units help

    My friend and I have 7 points for deer. That puts us on the edge for 89. Looking for some insight and recommendations in Central Wyoming. I see there is a LOT of walk in properties to access. We are still young at heart and have no problem hiking 7-10 miles a day. Anybody been on these walk in...
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    Family,hunting and fishing!!!

    Hello, just wanted to introduce myself to your Forum. I am a Wyoming native, born and raised in Lander. Grew up hunting the Wind River range. My father and brothers all hunted as we grew up together. Moved to Pacific Northwest and continued my passion for hunting and fishing. Salmon and...