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    Brucellosis Testing for Elk

    Anyone ever receive a test tube kit from the G&F for brucellosis? The one I received is for elk. The G&F states they're working in conjunction with the USDA. Makes me nervous to send in a blood sample. The State could care less about elk when it comes to cattle. Seems like up in Pinedale a...
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    HB0112 Big & Trophy Game Licenses

    If I'm reading this right, this bill is to increase the percentage of licenses going to residents and significantly reduces the percentage of tags going to non residents. If so, you residents need to be contacting your legislative reps and asking for their support. Looks like they're also...
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    Elk area 30 late

    Long time lurker throwing out my first post Drew an area 30 late elk tag. Hunted deer in Idaho a few years ago. Gonna give elk hunting a try. Hoping folks might have a few pointers. I know the area is somewhat weather dependent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks