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  1. Ikeepitcold

    Super stoked to be on the forum!

    Very cool! Glad your here. Welcome to the forum
  2. Ikeepitcold

    Grizzly Bear Attack

  3. Ikeepitcold

    Piggybacking off the other Turkey Recipe

    What’s your go to for smoking a turkey?
  4. Ikeepitcold

    If your stuck at home what are you and your families doing to pass the time?

    My Wife and I are still working but I’ve seen some pretty interesting things folks are doing on social media to pass the time. What are you doing?
  5. Ikeepitcold

    Thoughts And Prayers

    Prayers for everyone. I feel for all the small business owners that are going to be out of business because of this.
  6. Ikeepitcold

    Screwed Up in Wyoming Last Years Draw

    Good to see this cause I assumed I was issued a point after I didn’t draw last year.
  7. Ikeepitcold

    Sig Optics

    I had a order show up the other day. I’m super excited to get these baby’s on my rifles. The BDX system has me excited to get in the field smackin targets. I’ve been so impressed with the ABS system I decided to set it up to the BDX. One scope will be going on my Tikka T3 Light 300 win mag and...