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  1. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Thanks Marcus! Pretty much good now. Glad to see you’re doing well buddy!
  2. Timr245

    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Wiffed on the Wyoming draw entry last night, so now hopefully Colorado archery elk. May look at Idaho also.
  3. Timr245

    Who else is...

    I bet! My 13.3 last weekend on slick terrain had my shins splinted most of the week 👎🏻. Should’ve known better, icy roads get me every time.
  4. Timr245

    Pack weight? Who weighs theirs and how much?

    Pretty sure thats really all it is haha. I run 20-30 miles/wk and weight train 5-6 days, it’s not really an issue, but no need to make things any harder than they have to be.
  5. Timr245

    Browning HC Long Range

    Love my vx5 so far. Also pd $799 for 3-15x44 with CDS. 44mm gives up nothing but weight to the 50mm vx3i’s I have.
  6. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Hey Marcus glad to hear everything went well, wishing you a speedy recovery and best of luck with everything!
  7. Timr245

    Range Day CDS Testing

    Struck out this year. Area was full of sign apparently from the rut, so I’m hoping to head back for archery 2020.
  8. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Welp..been kinda awol on here for a while but I see everyone is still hammering away! Awesome work everyone! Marcus, hope everything goes well for you & stay focused, you got this 💪. BC, looks like I better get my arse in gear or I’ll be chasing you reading all your funny shirts. Gotta get a jab...
  9. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Back at it as of today, time to cut off the holiday food coma and get real about running and prepping for boating season 🤣. 4 miles on the new treadmill at 5am. 2 mi, steady-state, 2 miles of speed intervals. KEEP HAMMERING 💪
  10. Timr245

    What did you get for Christmas guys?!

    Looks like everyone made out pretty good! I got a Ski Doo modular 3 electric helmet, complete with a large scratch right outta the box 🙄. It’s getting exchanged. I fell into some sidework on the 23rd so I picked up a last year’s model treadmill at 50% off. Most importantly I got the joy of...
  11. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Thinking about buying a dreadmill, suggestions anyone? Icy roads make it more about concentrating on footing than running. Looking at Sole F63 heavily. Need a 12mph model and as much incline as possible.
  12. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Just got back from a week in the Bahamas, gained a few lbs haha. Ran 4 miles in the snow and ice this morning and it felt great. Hunting seasons are mostly over, time to start getting back to serious training. 1st Spartan race is <3 months away.
  13. Timr245

    2019 season

    Dream season, leaves me in awe, congrats man!
  14. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Rifle season here in PA but took the bow this morning, 3 doe ,1 spike no shots. Came home got an hr workout in, decorated gingerbread house with the kids & back out tonite. Caught a nice mature doe feeding at about 150yds, no rest & sketchy shot otherwise...passed up a few yearlings.
  15. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Nice work Bill!
  16. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Giant sets & 30 burpee warm-up today - 45 mins, smoked 610 calories. Then worked on drywall in the garage addition. Played basketball in the garage with daughter afterwards. Got the heat going in it Saturday afternoon. Heading for 16k steps today.
  17. Timr245

    Who else is...

    Hey Tim, just picked up this 850 & plan to get some workouts on it pretty soon 🙏🏼. Wish I had the mountain/powder riding you do in Northern Idaho!
  18. Timr245

    New member intro

    Welcome “Slugz JR” haha. Your dad has shared some good info with me that I’ve much appreciated.
  19. Timr245

    Thanksgiving Buck!

    That’s an awesome way to make an unpleasant situation into a lifelong memory, congrats to you and your son!
  20. Timr245

    Happy Thanksgiving to All

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, take time to slow down and appreciate everything & everyone good in your life today.