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  1. robie

    what unit in wyoming with 9 points

    You got 1 great outfitter and 2 great units.
  2. robie

    Gun For Wife

    Need some advice. I shoot an old model 70 30-06 and there is no chance I'm going to make her shoot it. More than likely she will never want to shoot again. She is going on her first deer hunt this fall and I'm gun shopping for her. I found a nice savage in a .243 for $500 and they are...
  3. robie

    Any Texas boys deer hunting today?

    Not exactly a western mule deer hunt but bow season opened today in Texas. Entertaining for me but no shooters. Small buck early, a doe and fawn, pigs squealing in the woods and I had a pack of coyotes after something just out of range. Not what i was going for but I've had much slower days...
  4. robie

    How do you carry your range finder?

    I use the FHF gear bino harness with the rangefinder attachment: