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  1. zpooch

    2021 Whitetail Success Thread!

    Kansas archery
  2. zpooch

    High country mulies 21' who's in??

    I'll be back up there again as well, hopefully a bit more scouting this time around.
  3. zpooch

    Exploring new tech in big game recovery

    Is this the only forum that still allows this guy to post? Lol
  4. zpooch

    White water

    I rowed a cat through Hells canyon for my first trip rowing my own boat. Really would love to do more
  5. zpooch

    WY 46-2

    Same thing for me. I didn't make it out much but didn't feel I needed to shoot one with they very low numbers I saw when I did get out. Old timer I talked to said he hasn't ever seen it that bad as far as low numbers go
  6. zpooch

    Antelope numbers and tags issued?

    Went out yesterday in my unit that I drew second choice as a resident, south central Wy. I saw 3 bucks all day in a unit that gives out over 400 tags and had historically been around 90% harvest rate. I ran into an old timer who had been hunting that unit for 35 years and he'd never seen it...
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    Animals in Packs!

    MR Sawtooth 45
  8. zpooch

    Animals in Packs!

    Unfortunately, the terrible place where he died and being solo, that's about as good as it gets
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    Sons first elk!!!

    That's great, good work!
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    Alternate Venison Roast usage

  11. zpooch

    Advice for new .22 pistol

    Ruger SR22
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    Wyoming bison

    I wouldn't advise anybody to put in for the cow tag.
  13. zpooch

    Decided on Caliber - Now need to decide on Rifle Great deal on a stainless Tikka
  14. zpooch

    Preference Points Going into the Draw

    Lol you have been buying points for 18 years and don't know how they work?
  15. zpooch

    When do Harvest reports come out? You can voluntarily add your results if you'd like Edit: actually just looked at it and you need a passcode from the survey request they send you
  16. zpooch

    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    It would almost seem for residents that it would only be an add on tag if you were already up hunting in that area. Like picking up a bear tag in case you stumble upon one
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    I saw they still have that tag listed for 2020. Is that in an effort to mop up anything remaining after the helicopter killings? I would think that Area 4 would be void of goats after they get done with the flights. Possibly some coming up from 2?
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    WY Antelope Unit Info

    All of the units listed have the potential for trophy quality antelope. I know that isn't helpful, but it is true. Figure out what you can draw and where you want to stay during your hunt and go from there. The Wyoming hunt planner can help with looking at public access and possible HMAs on...
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    Nice! He's got some cool character