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    Tag quota for Fall of 2024?

    The commission has a meeting scheduled for April 16 and 17 in which the proposed quotas/seasons will be presented to the commission. So shortly after that meeting is when the final quotas will be posted.
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    General Elk

    Increased tags in the special? I thought that stayed the same? Isn't it still 40% special, 60% regular?
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    Tag fees

    I thought deer and antelope was going to be $1200?
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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

    Yeah, might only take two or three points to draw a general in the special draw. Regular draw, 7 or 8 points? Or more?
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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

    I drew a type 3.
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    I joined the Zoom meeting. All the season setting stuff will be tomorrow. Today there was discussion of the unprecedented winter Wyoming had, and the effects it had on wildlife. And also I was glad to hear quite a few members of the public stand up to speak regarding the need to look at reducing...
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    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals
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    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    Okay, but I would expect that there might be even more reductions after the commission meeting April 17-18. I would wait for that and then decide. It could be that you won't even be able to draw anyway, with the decreased number of licenses statewide. I would expect a lot more point creep than...
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    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    I would just wait and see how drastic the next round of license reductions are in the area you're interested in.
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    WY elk area 113

    I saw that it was written about in this:
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    At 56 it is tough

    You don't need exercise at all to lose weight. Try doing a very strict ketogenic diet, along with some longer periods of fasting. Exercise does help a little, but is not necessary. Try to work up to 36 hour fasts, and then when that amount of time without food is easy, do a 72 hour fast. You'll...
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    The demand report shows 80 type 6 licenses and 628 applications. That's far less than 50%.
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    Mule Deer Region M

    This map might be useful for identifying the specific BLM maps that you need. It has the BLM map index overlaid on the WGFD deer area map:
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    Non resident Elk draw results for 2022

    It was <4 points needed for a general elk tag in the special draw.
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    Non resident Elk draw results for 2022

    I applied for a type 7 and didn't get it. Looks like odds were 15%. That's okay, now I'll be applying for a type 1 mule deer license with my 6 points.
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    WY Couple Fined $60k for Baiting Deer

    Just from the title of the article I was thinking the fine was excessive. But now not so much, after reading the article. Probably didn't help that some of the hunting/poaching was done on the Wind River Indian Reservation! I do wonder why they kept emphasizing that the landowners' outfitting...
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    WY Corner Crossing Trial
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    WY Corner Crossing Trial

    I was listening yesterday. It apparently hasn't started yet this morning, but I'll be listening in again.
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    .243 Bullet Question

    Try Berger's Twist rate stability calculator: