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  1. missjordan

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    Thank you! Been having a hard time transiting to the web forum compared to Tapatalk 😂
  2. missjordan

    The 2019 Elk Success Thread

    My husband has had a great season so far. We hunted both Idaho archery and Montana with a rifle this year and he took his two largest bulls to date. Both Bulls were taken in OTC units. Feeling very blessed this year
  3. missjordan

    Montana 900 Series Antelope Changes

    Im curious to see if anyone elses plans are going to be affected by the new changes done to the 900 series either sex antelope archery permit being listed as a first and only choice in the draw. I know myself I always counted on drawing the 900 tag as a second choice if I didnt draw my first...
  4. missjordan

    Zeiss Gavia Spotting Scopes

    Anybody purchase one of the new Zeiss Gavia spotters? In in the market to purchase a new spotter and my budget will be somewhere around $2,000. I've really liked the Conquest Binoculars and think the spotting scope will be a good complement. Any other recommendations or thoughts on the Gavia...
  5. missjordan

    Montana Elk Success

    As the Montana season comes to a close this weekend, I can't help reflect on our past season. Opening weekend we hunted close to home helping my brother get his first elk ever. The next weekend we turned around and headed south of the state for 16 days into a new area that we've been studying...
  6. missjordan

    Checked the trail cam yesterday

    Got a couple of good Bulls to cross by the trail camera over the last month. Is it September yet??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. missjordan

    Messed up pretty good this time

    I have found a lot of reward to process all the animals we harvested myself and I find the entire process fun. However I have never ventured to far off the beaten path with trying to do my own sausage, snack sticks, thuringer, etc. well this year I tried to make breakfast sausage with one of our...
  8. missjordan

    Aftermarket Stocks for a Browning X Bolt

    Three years ago I had a Browning X-Bolt Varmint Special chambered in a .308 custom ordered with a laminate stock from their company. I have maybe 30 rounds through the gun and went to consign it at a local shop to try and sell. After they inspected it, they found that the stock had split all...
  9. missjordan

    Jumping on the supressor bandwagon

    I'm starting to do some research now about this topic especially since a lot of states are allowing supressors to be used for hunting, so I am curious to see if this has persuaded you guys to own one? In my home state of Montana I believe that it will be legal to hunt with one in the 2016 season...
  10. missjordan

    Anyone heard of Newcon optik?

    Anybody own a newcon optik rangefinder? They seem to be extremely price competitive compared their counterparts. A co-worker of mine bought the 1500 and I got a chance to mess around with it. I was pretty impressed for a $300 rangefinder on how well it...
  11. missjordan

    Best socks for freakishly large calves

    I'm really hoping someone else has this problem but every hunting season we struggle to find the best over the calf sock for my husband who has very muscular calves. He wears a size 13 shoe and every sock we've bought him (both in his size range and bigger) have been way too tight. Cabelas brand...
  12. missjordan

    Red Rock refuge one day elk permit

    Just checked the mail today to see that my husband drew a special permit on red rock lakes national wildlife refuge for the last day allowed. The hunt allows 1 hunter per day to harvest an elk in a special no hunt zone. Does anyone have any general insight on this? We're making the one day trip...
  13. missjordan

    dillon/dell/lima advice

    Hi guys I'm looking for a little bit of feedback regarding deer & elk districts 300/302 and 329/331/332. I am extremely familiar with the areas in the Dillon area that are on the "left side" of of the highway inbetween Dillon and Lima, MT (sage creek, blacktail, & sweetwater). Our group this...
  14. missjordan

    Huge Mule Deer

    Here is another crazy big mule deer. Not sure what the story is behind this guy but it was pretty cool to hold him!
  15. missjordan

    Incredibly Close Bear Encounter I think this bear wants to sit down and have a beer with this guy!
  16. missjordan

    Bowtech carbon knight RH 60lb

    For sale, 2014 Bowtech carbon knight. 60lb bow. Bought it new last spring and has been shot enough to break in the strings and sight my pins. Need to sell as I am a female with a bad shoulder and need a bow that is 50lbs and more forgiving. $525 obo for just the bow and the octane arrow rest...
  17. missjordan

    Just bought a smoker

    Just wondering if anyone has tried smoking anything with deer or elk. Just bought a smoker and I want to test it out. I'm going to smoke some pulled pork this weekend and want to try an elk or deer next. What recipes and cuts of meat do you use to smoke both species? I'm very new to using a...
  18. missjordan

    what is your favorite game camera?

    Later this winter I am looking at purchasing my first game camera and I was wondering which cameras are your favorites and why. I am looking to spend around $200 per camera. Is it worth spending the extra money for a camera that takes pictures at a higher mega pixel? Or is the ability to take...
  19. missjordan

    New member from western MT

    My name is Jordan and I am new to the Eastman's forum! I am a senior graduating this spring from the University of Montana with a business-marketing degree. I've started hunting a little later in my youth and really started becoming more involved with the outdoors the last three years. My...