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    Fuel prices affect

    Yeah, but the dementia ridden SOB was wearing a helmet.
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    35 Whelen-Powders?

    I've always used IMR 4064 in my .35 Whelen, it's the most accurate powder I used in that caliber. I use it in my .375 H&H magnum too. Good luck finding any these days of contrived shortages.;)
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    how many of you belong to the NRA and should I renew my membership

    NRA Life member here. I've been a member for 40+ years.
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    2022 Fishing thread

    They're called Lawyers or Ling in some places. I call them "Poor Man's Lobster". They're tasty indeed.
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    How to cook rabbit meat?

    Snowshoe hares are pretty good in a rabbit stew. My wife used to make a combo Rabbit/Squirrel stew that was unbelievably good. Much like the recipe that SleepingBear posted. Except she added a tablespoon or 2 of Lea & Perrins' Worcestershire sauce to it.
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    Green Chile Stew?

    I was referring to Hatches canned chilies. I buy the heck out of Hatches chilies when a guy from NM comes up here and roasts them in the Sport Shop parking lot. I usually buy a half bushel. Mmmmmm!
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    Green Chile Stew?

    Add green tomatoes, canned ones sold in the latino aisle. Hatch green chilies are the best to add.
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    Nikon Scope Issues

    I have several Nikons. on .22 & .17 rimfires and one on an AR-15. No problems with them ever. I have Leupold scopes on all my hunting rifles. Perhaps there is something to the idea that heavy recoil affects the Nikon scopes.
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    To eat or not eat CDW positive tested deer

    CWD is similar to "mad cow disease" or jacobs disease that can infect humans and kill them. The Mad Cow disease was the result of grinding up bones and waste products from cattle, turning it into feed for cattle. Happened in England and people died from eating meat from infected cattle. You...
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    firearm safety and hollywood

    I read that Baldwin and the crew were "practicing" with a revolver, shooting off the set using live ammo. It was a real gun, not a prop. A prop gun cannot chamber or fire live ammo. And why in the hell was he pointing the gun at the cinematographer and the director anyway? Just goofing around...
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    Hello Scott. Went to the Red desert elk area #100 scouting. Covered 200+ miles and glassed...

    Hello Scott. Went to the Red desert elk area #100 scouting. Covered 200+ miles and glassed until my eyes about fell out and didn't see a single elk. Took the Minerals exploration road before Rawlins and came out in Wamsutter. Went to the point of rocks and Bridger power plant and came up...
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    I saw that same clip. The Taliban "fighters" (cowards) executed a line of prisoners that were kneeling and hands tied behind their backs, shot them in the heads (poorly in some cases) and after the last one fell they riddled the bodies with what seemed like hundreds of rounds while chanting...
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    Wyoming Deer Super Tag!!

    I did shoot an old, huge bodied regressing Mule deer buck. Took 2 of us to load him in my friend's pickup. Heavy horned 4x4 with brow tines. I wish I knew how to post pictures. Maybe when my grandson and granddaughter come to visit in October I can have them show me how to do it.
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    Preferred cartridge? Grip and grin pic added

    After shoulder surgery I'm going to be using a 660 Remington carbine in .243 Winchester. Otherwise I'd use my 30.06. I use the same practice of sighting in as Colorado Cowboy, 2" to 2 1/2" high at 100 yds. for a point blank range of 300 yds + or -.
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    Wyoming Deer Super Tag!!

    I drew that 128 type 1 tag once in 25 years of applying. It was deep snow and cold the year I drew 128.
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    Well it finally happened......I destroyed a gun.

    Accidents happen in reloading. I always adhere to the one powder on the bench at a time rule. And I always double check each charge with a digital scale & my RCBS beam scale. And I visually inspect each loaded case before seating a bullet. So far, so good...knock on wood.
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    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    The 90/10 is not an "attack", it's doing what right and fair for Wyoming resident hunters.
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    When are Wyoming tags mailed

    Got my elk tag 3 days ago.
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    Help me decide. Model 7 caliber change.

    I'd either keep it a .260 or have it rebarreled/ rebored to .308. Ain't a nickels worth of differnce between the .260/7-08 or the 6.5 creed that a critter will notice.
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    Reloading Supplies

    I use IMR 4350 and IMR 4064 in darn near every caliber I have.