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    Anyone have a 500 number in the Colorado moose draw?
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    Colorado G-15 goat

    I would like to thank those who helped with information on my G15 goat hunt! It was a great hunt. I was not able to fill my tag, but if anyone still has a tag. And needs any information, feel free to contact me!
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    G15 goat tag colorado

    I was fortunate enough to draw a goat tag in colorado. It is a nanny tag for the second season. I made a scouting trip last weekend. I was able to cover some ground but not a lot. If anyone has hunted this area and would be willing to share any information, it would be greatly appretiated. Or...
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    Colorado elk refund

    Has Colorado issued the Elk refund checks yet?
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!
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    Horse packers or horse rental

    Does anyone know of someone in the Cody area that will pack out game for a fee of course, or rent horses for that purpose?
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    Wyoming elk unit 121

    Has anyone hunted Wyoming 121? And what should a guy expect?
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    Wyoming unit 7 antlerless

    Has anyone been in the unit 7 area lately? I got an antlerless tag for my 13 year old son and due to football and basketball haven't made it out. Its about an 8 hour drive. Was just curious if there was much snow and if the elk were all pushed to private or still some up in the national forest...
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    Colorado holy cross early rifle tag.

    Time is going fast!! In a couple weeks I will be hiking In for a week in the high country!!!! Was unable to make a scouting trip. I have a place to start and a couple back up spots. Only scouting was maps and google earth. I have talked to a person who has hunted it in the past. He assures me I...
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    Colorado Holy Cross Wilderness Early Rifle

    Has anyone hunted the Holy Cross Wilderness in the early season. I am open to any tips you might have. The research Has only just begun. But I am sure you can't beat experience. If you have any suggestions my mind is a sponge at this Point.
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    Colorado Holy Cross Wilderness

    I am looking for as much info on the deer hunting in the holy cross as I can get. I'm sure no one is willing to put an X on a map but pointing in the right direction would be great. I am planning on packing in, distance is not an issue. But not sure I will even be able to get a scouting trip in...
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    Packing with goats

    Just was curious if anyone else on this site has ever packed with Packgoats?