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  1. Daubs

    How did everyone's hunt go this year is it what you expected and are you going to change your plans for next year?

    Lost an old friend in the Summer of 2021...had to put down our Yellow Lab of 12 years. Got a new Lab in January of 2022...and the wife got a Shiba as two puppies : ) Also lost permission on a 20k acre ranch had been hunting here in Nebraska. Business man from Washington leased it up...
  2. Daubs

    Recommended Day Pack

    I picked up a Kuiu Venture 1800 as a day-pack. It has served me well. It's also my travel pack when the wife and I vacation. I'm a nerd and like wearing camo in the airport.
  3. Daubs


    Lived in Nebraska most of my in South Central Nebraska...where the Sandhills Cranes stage on their trek northward in the spring. "Crane-watching" became a good money maker for some landowners / entrepreneurs. They are EVERYWHERE in the spring.
  4. Daubs

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Nebraska public land buck from 2017. I had hunted this area since 2011 and tagged just one mule deer in that time. Opening morning I decided to walk as far back off the road as possible and set up high to glass. Around 8 AM opening morning I spotted this buck with several does across the...
  5. Daubs

    When you realize you are getting old!

    Thanks Cowboy! Dad hasn't done much big game hunting in years...his favorite is waterfowl. Going to be tough problem to solve for sure.
  6. Daubs

    When you realize you are getting old!

    I'm 53, my brother turns 50 this month...this was the first season not hunting public for Mule Deer. Brother has a bad back and trouble walking long distances...not to mention he can't pack out deer any more. Got access to family friend's ranch...hunted got to use ATV's to get in, and pack them...
  7. Daubs

    So...What are your plans for 2021?

    Gathering with seven good friends in two weeks...three of them purchased land on the Platte River, waterfowl spot. Should be a great time! Goose hunting after the first of the year with a buddy and his son. That kid slays geese! Turkey hunting with Brother and my 80 year old Dad...he's had...
  8. Daubs

    Nebraska Muley, private land this time...

    Family friend granted brother and me access to their ranch this rifle season. Brother shot his first buck EVER...he was stoked! Next day I put a tag on this one. Wind was howling 20-25 MPH...found him on the backside of a hill with 6 does. He was 235 yards out. Outside the ears, rough score...
  9. Daubs

    Warmest socks or boots for cold weather sits

    I used to pile on a liner sock, then heavy socks and jammed my feet in to waders to hunt the marsh. Not super cold temps, but when you are standing in waist deep water for 3-4 hours, it gets cold. I figured out my sock layers were limiting air flow around my feet, and causing me to sweat...
  10. Daubs

    First Timer

    Don't forget about North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska for Mule Deer. Note: I met two guys from Utah when hunting the Sandhills last fall...asked them why they drove all the way east...they were searching for whitetail deer...Nebraska was the closest drive for them : ) And my cousins...
  11. Daubs

    First Timer

    Welcome to the site! Read up, watch YouTube videos, but be aware...them videos make hunting look a whole lot easier than it really is! I hunted public land here in NE for four years before I tagged a Muley. Find a state and an area you feel comfortable with, tags you can purchase with minimal...
  12. Daubs

    What Do You Consider Long Range?

    Having never hunted the mountains, or elk, and not a ton of time at the range...I sight my -06 and 7mag to zero at 250 yards. I would feel comfortable out to 350 yards...400 would be long for me. Longest shot I've taken was 284...dropped Mule deer in his tracks.
  13. Daubs

    Your Favorite Rifle And The Story That Goes With...

    I'm a lefty, and always wanted a left handed shotgun and rifle. Managed to get a LH Benelli SBE in 2000 (still shooting it today), and shortly thereafter picked up a left handed Browning A-bolt. Researched the hell out of calibers, feeling that this would likely be my only rifle for many years...
  14. Daubs

    Gear That We Love!

    Grew up and still live in Nebraska...Cabela's was always my go-to for hunting gear. I have super wide feet (4E) and a large dome (size 8). Cabela's used to sell 4E boots/shoes and 2XXL hats years ago...but stopped selling 15+ years ago. Sadness. I still have two pair of Cabela's 4E hunting...
  15. Daubs

    My #1 hit lister down.... but not by me

    Great looking bull. Hang in door closes, another opens...
  16. Daubs

    Who else is...

    Shoulders and arms yesterday. Yoga this morning. Both at 4:30 AM (damn time change...can't sleep)
  17. Daubs

    Persistence Paid Off

  18. Daubs

    Your Biggest Buck

    2017, Nebraska public land Muley. Opening morning this guy was spotted about a mile away with two smaller bucks and 5 does. I put the sneak on them...pulled the trigger at 212 yards. Most memorable part, my brother loaned me his truck for the week of hunting...mine was in shop getting...
  19. Daubs

    Best hunting binoculars?

    Back in 2016 I purchased five different nocs. My reviews below...Zeiss have been hanging on my neck for three years. Love them. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Spent some time behind the nocs this weekend...
  20. Daubs

    Quiet Rain Gear?

    ^^ AGREE ^^ My Cabela's MTo50 Gore-Tex is probably 15 years's awesome! You can still find some on e-bay/craigslist/rockslide used. I wear it a lot while deer and turkey hunting. It's a great quiet later to block wind. When it's cold, I throw on base layer, insulation layer, Kuiu...