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    Parker Bows

    Hi, Im looking to purchase a Parker Poison 32. Parker brand is not popular in my area. It looks like a very good bow. It's even is available with 90% let off. Was woundering if any of you have any experience with Parker bows, good or bad. Thanks!!!
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    2017 Archery Kill

    Just got my Wyoming Antalope mount back.
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    Mule Deer Archery Hunt

    I have obtained permission to hunt MD on private land in unit 47 & in unit 51. This would be my first MD archery hunt if a draw a tag. On Google Earth I see there are some Creek bottoms on the properties with trees along the creeks. Also there are Hay fields on both sides of the creeks. My plan...
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    Nothing goes to waist

    Just put this deer carcus out and so far have at least 6 Eagles feeding. Also a couple Red Tail Hawk's. Surprisingly no Coyotes have showed yet! Sorry I forgot to set correct date!
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    Archery kill

    I shot a his buck in Wyoming this fall. It was my first buck with my bow. Antalope meat is delicious!
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    American made rifle

    I have a bunch of preference points in Wyoming and Colorado for Elk and MD. I'm recently retired and want to start using my points. I have a Ruger #1 300 mag but it's not much fun shoot and I don't shoot it well. So I want to get a new American made rifle. Was thinking about 308 caliber. I've...
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    Archery kill

    This is my 2016 Archery kill taken in Wi during the late season.
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    New Mexico Bears

    Took these pictures while bow hunting for Elk in New Mexico. I saw 8 different Bears at this water hole. I ended up shooting a cow Elk from this spot.
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    Crabby Girls

    This is one of favorite game cam pictures. Was taken on my Wi farm.
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    New from Wisconsin

    Hi, I'm from Wisconsin. Have recently retired and am planning on doing as much hunting as I can afford. Love to Bow hunt, Black Powder hunt as well as Rifle hunt. I have been applying for PPs in Wyoming and Colorado for many years. Last summer the wife and I spent two weeks exploring the Big...