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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    kids first mule deer. Skipped school this morning.
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    yeah pretty cool. Kid sent me these from around casper. I didn't know about the film, just had a welding helmet.
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    Full Freezers

    Well, it has been a pretty fun fall for me also so I thought I would share if that is alright. My brother kindof last minute decided to come out for a hunt. He got a leftover tag in a kindof tough to access area and a general tag. He hasn't been able to hunt for quite awhile, but has been...
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    Region Y Deer Hunting

    Well, I'll try to see if this works. They are supposed to be pictures near the Medicine Wheel north of 14A
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    North Platte Fishing

    Well, my dad and I got our early Christmas presents Saturday. We took a guided float trip down the North Platte on what turned out to be a beautiful December day. The "w" word didn't even start until afternoon. We just had an awesome day fishing on the river so I thought I would try to...
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    Moskee Elk

    Well, here goes. I know you love these Topgun. My kid drew the Moskee Area for Wyoming cow elk. I wasn't even sure we were going to go elk hunting for his first year, so I kindof put him in for one I thought we would never draw but would be cool if we did. Oops. Well, anyway I was looking...
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    Getting there

    Not quite 1 MOA, but at 11 years old, not too bad with the old 30-06. I think it was only his second time with this rifle. His rest was a pair of my boots with a backpack over the top. I will blame that flyer on the wind.
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    Hellooo I am ... something

    Well I suppose I had better go through this and introduce myself like ScottR said with a handshake or something like that. I am from Gillette, WY. I have lived in most areas of Wyoming and have family in every corner it seems like. I have also worked/lived in Montana, Oregon, and Washington...
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    I am also in Gillette, so I thought I would say hello. I have been reading some of your posts...

    I am also in Gillette, so I thought I would say hello. I have been reading some of your posts, especially about antelope so thanks for the good information.