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  1. graybird

    2019 = 160+ inches

    The 2019 draws brought me a couple of antelope tags. I knew I was in good shape to draw my desired Colorado antelope unit with 11 points, but was surprised to learn I'd drawn my first choice Nevada antelope unit with only 8 points. With new job responsibilities and an extremely busy summer...
  2. graybird

    2020-2026 Season Structure - Final Recs

    CPW has released their final 7 year season structure.
  3. graybird

    FS: 223 and 243 WSSM Brass and Dies along with 25 WSSM Dies

    8 bags of New Never opened Winchester 223 brass. Shipped to your door for $215 303 pieces of New FC 243 brass. Shipped to your door for $165 New never used - RCBS Two dies set each $30 shipped to your door 223 WSSM 243 WSSM 25 WSSM Paypal (F&F), US Postal MO, Bank MO or Cashier's Check
  4. graybird

    And now the waiting game ....

    I guess I'm struggling to understand why it takes so long for CPW to get our draw results out to us. When applications were submitted via paper and a check, I can understand the need to spend time entering applicants into the system, making sure they were correct, etc. But, with the new...
  5. graybird

    Ever find yourself in No Man's Land with preference points?

    A couple weeks ago I started doing my normal digging for information and potential hunts for the 2019 season. In year's past, I never really paid much attention to WY because I was in the point building mode and more focused on other hunts in my home state of Colorado. Well, the time has...
  6. graybird

    2018 Colorado Bighorn ...

    He'll be coming to you soon in a future Eastman's Hunting Journal.
  7. graybird

    I don't know ... but maybe ...

    Deleted post ...
  8. graybird

    What CO tags did you draw?

    I had a banner year ... BH Sheep, MZL Bull Elk, MZL Buck Deer (2nd choice), Rifle Bear (2nd choice), and Rifle Doe Antelope (2nd choice) The two tags I thought I was in extremely good position for was my 1st choice buck with 4 points and my 1st choice antelope with 10 points. Certainly didn't...
  9. graybird

    Drew the tag ... time for the preparation

    I drew a CO Bighorn tag this year. Pretty stoked and still can't believe CPW decided to stuff a tag in my pocket. With the sudden revelation that hit me like a ton of bricks Friday morning, I've already started the diet/exercise program. I've already knocked off 1.6 lbs since Friday and it's...
  10. graybird

    2017 Nevada Bull Success

    I've been waiting to post pictures of my successful 2017 bull hunt in Nevada. The story of my hunt was published in print. In short, we found the bull the evening of Day 2. Went back to have a second look the following morning. He was within a few yards of where we left him the night before...
  11. graybird

    MZL Iron Sight Recs Needed

    I have a CVA Accura V2 that I'd like to replace the factory sights with quality aftermarket sights. Colorado doesn't allow the use of a scope; therefore, it is iron sights only. At the moment, I'm thinking of a peep sight on the rear and highly visible front sight. I thought I had a deal made...
  12. graybird

    A Young Hunter Gets His First Animals

    This past weekend was the Oklahoma youth rifle season. The state of Oklahoma has a three day season that allows youth to get into the field prior to any muzzleloader or rifle season. My oldest son, Case, who is 9 years old now was dead set he wanted to kill a deer this year. Doing a little...
  13. graybird

    Finished my 6.5x68mm

    The time has finally arrived and I finished my 6.5x68mm build. 1909 Argentine M98 action Kreiger #1 contour 1-8.5" 5R finished at 25" Wildcat ultralight stock Timney trigger Vortex Razor HD LH scope with the 3-15x42 G4-BDC reticle All metal parts coated matte black Gunsmith was Kevin Weaver of...
  14. graybird

    Colorado early scouting

    Took the family into the high country this past weekend to do a bit of camping and look around at the deer and mountain goats. Came across this guy very close to camp. Hopefully, he'll hang around for the Sept. opener. Sorry for the poor photos, but I was trying to free hand it thru my...
  15. graybird

    AZ 7W elk help

    A buddy of mine drew a unit 7W bull tag. Somehow the draw system was screwed up and he ended up with this tag even though he didn't put in for this unit. Therefore, he is now on the hunt of any information regarding the unit. If you would prefer, a PM would be great. Thanks, Graybird
  16. graybird

    Swarovski Z3 3-9x36 scope

    All: I have an as new Swarovski Z3 3-9x36 scope that needs a new home. Reticle is the Plex. The scope has been mounted and shot. It was never carried into the field. The scope does show some very slight ring markings that I cannot get to show in a picture. The glass is perfect with no...
  17. graybird

    Nosler Time - 3rd Season CO Bulls

    I had the pleasure to be in on a few elk stalks this year. Our crew had a very successful 3rd season in a unit that is not known for large elk populations. The most interesting part is all the bulls were taken with a Nosler offering: Accubond, Partition and Ballistic Tip. 30-06 180 grain...
  18. graybird

    FS as new - Merrell men's waterproof hiking shoe size 8.5

    My wife bought me these shoes as a Father's Day gift earlier this year. I wore them exactly twice. They are just a touch too small for me. I would have returned them, but the boys used the box as some kind of critter trap. Men's size 8.5 Merrell waterproof hiking shoe Price tag said $100...
  19. graybird

    4" in-line spark arrester wood/camp stove

    I have an extra 4" in-line military spark arrester that needs a new home. I personally use mine on a 6" stove pipe wired in on the top. $40 shipped to your door. Posted on other hunting forums.
  20. graybird

    Hurt my ankle, not sure what is next

    I hurt my ankle while jogging which will be three week ago on Sunday. I've had an x-ray, which showed no break or fracture. I've been hobbling around on it ever since. The doctor game me some pain pills which send me to the moon and back. (I would make a terrible druggie because I'm taking...