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  1. ando_31

    2019 Turkey Picture Thread

    Had the step kiddo out on his first hunt. His grandpa tagged along as well. Both had a great time. Only got 2 hours of turkey hunting in before stalking up on this bird. Climbed a lot of buttes and shot a lot of prairie dogs for the rest of the weekend.
  2. ando_31

    The 2018 Mule Deer Picture Thread!

    Here is the first buck of the year for our crew. He ended up with a broken back and fell down into a muddy hole. Not a monster, but it'll do to start. We only have seen one muley in the 170+ range so far. Hoping to see more during the rut in a couple weeks.
  3. ando_31

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket...

    Unless it is a very sturdy basket! This Goose has been nesting at my father's office. She doesn't care much for the people on the other side of the patio door and often hisses and slobbers on the window trying to chase them away.
  4. ando_31

    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    There is my best bow buck to date. Not my highest scoring rifle buck, but it is likely my favorite.
  5. ando_31

    Sharptail grouse on stomping ground (spring turkey hunting)

    I tried attaching more photos but they all failed. I think this one was accepted because it was cropped so it is a smaller file size. Any way to put larger file photos on with ease?
  6. ando_31

    2018 Spring Turkey

    Just got back from our 3 1/2 day turkey hunt. Averaged seeing about 6 turkeys a day is all. My brother and I tagged out on a couple of jakes the last morning in a scenic area. We had to stalk the turkeys since they were pretty much done mating. We did try to decoy a few the last morning...
  7. ando_31

    Stalking tactics

    I am curious what you guys may do, that may not seem obvious to others, to help your stalks be successful. I am a fan of taking off my boots when I get close and go barefoot to quiet down my footsteps. I have stepped on more than my fair share of cactus through the years and have since...
  8. ando_31

    Post Up A Pic Of Your First Mule Deer

    1996, age 14. Running 250 yard shot and he was quartering away pretty heavy. Shot with my father's old 243 lever action.
  9. ando_31

    Ruttin' bucks

  10. ando_31

    The Whitetail Success Thread

    For some reason I applied for whitetail buck this year. My whitetail tag felt like an anchor holding me back. I shot this buck mostly so I could help my brother mule deer hunt and bow hunt for muleys myself. It should be better meat than I'm used to eating.
  11. ando_31

    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    My 71 year old father arrowed this buck last Friday. He usually makes me sit during our bump/pushes, but he spotted this one first and after a lot of convincing, I talked him into posting. The buck only went about 200 yards and piled up out in the open. Did a quick score at 176 1/2. 27 1/2...
  12. ando_31

    Nikon ED 50mm spotter with 13-40 eyepiece or 10-30 eyepiece

    This little spotter is incredibly clear and lightweight. The image stays clear out to 40x but does get a little darker in low light conditions. The spotter is in near perfect condition. Comes with everything pictured. I also have the 10-30x eyepiece that these typically come with that I'd...
  13. ando_31

    ND muleys and whitetail

    Here is a big 3x3 that I took a shot at with the bow during our rifle hunting but shot over. We saw him quite a few more times but couldn't get another crack at him.
  14. ando_31

    ND muleys and whitetail

    I stalked up on this whitetail with the bow while he was running with a doe. He wasn't the big muley I was after with the bow but I'm pretty happy with him.
  15. ando_31

    ND muleys and whitetail

    The alive pic was earlier in the year when I was trying to get him with the bow. I never could break the 100 yard mark on him though.
  16. ando_31

    ND muleys and whitetail

    Had a pretty good 1 1/2 weeks of vacation with one of my brothers and father. Both my brother and I shot muleys with the rifle. Both scored about 175. I also had a spot and stalk opportunity on a whitetail with my bow and was successful.
  17. ando_31

    Badger Hunting Nevada

    I carefully chased down this fella on foot to get some close photos. In the real close photo you can make out the sunset in his/her eye. Its a shame I didn't take video footage as well. There was some neat sounding audibles directed at me. I've been chased by a few badgers in my day. My...
  18. ando_31

    2016 New Years buck

    That was my thoughts exactly