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  1. slim jim

    NV buck down

    I knocked down this buck on the opening morning. It's not the biggest buck but my freezer is looking slim and I have a UT tag next week[emoji3]. I was creeping to my morning glassing spot, checking for bucks along the way just inside timberline to not be seen. As I was glassing, I spotted a...
  2. slim jim

    Two back from the taxi!

    I picked up my 2015 AZ archery mule deer and 2015 NV lope from the taxidermist today. Pretty happy how they turned out. Here are a couple pics
  3. slim jim

    FS: Tru-fire hardcore max release

    I'm selling my Tru-fire hardcore buckle release for $65tyd
  4. slim jim

    FS GoPro 3 hero black edition

    I'm selling my GoPro black with many extras. It comes with an extra backpac battery and both housings for it. It also has the regular housings. Remote control, memory card, multiple mounts, charger, etc. all for $250tyd
  5. slim jim

    2014 NV mule deer back from the taxi!

    I received the call today to pick up my head. Pretty stoked about it. Can't wait to get back out there in a couple of weeks to try and get it done again!
  6. slim jim

    AZ archery mule deer

    Thought I'd share a pic of the buck I just got on 1/2/15 I'm pretty excited about it.
  7. slim jim

    NV deer down!

    The hunt started last Friday after driving to the trailhead in the east humbolts. I brought my kids baseball coach with this year because he has always wanted to do a backpack hunt. I warned him how hard it is to hike in almost 10 miles with a 3000' ascent to about 10,000' at camp. Anyways we...
  8. slim jim

    FS - Hanwag Alaskans GTX / 10.5

    I'm selling my boots for $200 +3% PayPal. Great pair of boots but all leather is to warm for when and where I hunt.
  9. slim jim

    Russell APXg2 L4 gale jacket

    Russell just added real tree max-1 camo to their apxg2 L4 gale jacket. How does everyone feel about this jacket? I wanted to get this because the price is right, at $169 it seems to be a good choice. I like to wear the max-1 camo for my high country early seasons. Any info on this jacket would...
  10. slim jim

    High country mulies

    I have been wanting to hunt the high country for mulies in CO for a few years now ever since I put down the rifle and started bow hunting. I read my MRS and want to hunt unit 54 or 55. What I'm looking for is any info on how to get started with the point process because I think that it takes at...