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  1. ScottR

    New member from TEXAS

    Welcome to the forum!
  2. ScottR

    What’s Everyone Doing?

    I'm getting ready for Expo, anyone going to be there?
  3. ScottR

    The Annual Elk Success Thread!!!! 2023

    That bull looks very heavy, I bet he scored better than an initial look over with how much mass hides inches.
  4. ScottR

    2024 plans

    Probably be in the hat in Montana, points in Nevada and then hopefully some luck in Wyoming.
  5. ScottR

    Be Careful

    Glad you are ok!
  6. ScottR

    What’s Everyone Doing?

    Headed to SHOT this week, lots of honey dos before that. Was at MOGA the week before during the worst of the cold.
  7. ScottR

    What’s your New Years Resolution?

    Hunting: Kill a WT , MD, antelope and elk all in the same year. Never pulled off all in the same year, have done varieties of that but want to get it done on respectable animals of each.
  8. ScottR

    Elk outfitter recommendations

    Received and replied
  9. ScottR


    Other orgs have grown in their place, ones that really litigate In favor of gun owners and know how to win. The NRA’s momentum is gone.
  10. ScottR

    What’s your New Years Resolution?

    Health: This one is weird, but do 1,000,000 meters on the rowing machine. Treadmills are too hard on my joints but the rowing machine works well.
  11. ScottR

    Montana 2023

    Looks like a few with some potential left!
  12. ScottR

    Elk outfitter recommendations

    Yes, shoot me a message I can certainly help. Just need to know your point situation.
  13. ScottR

    Let’s see them Whitetail bucks!

    You can't beat getting your first buck!
  14. ScottR

    Antelope Breakfast Sausage

    My butcher has a breakfast sausage blend we really like. We eat a lot of that, almost a whole doe every year gets dedicated just to that. With kids getting bigger I am going to have to adjust that soon to have more made.
  15. ScottR

    The Annual Elk Success Thread!!!! 2023

    Time is running out on my options unfortunately! Might not be in the cards this year!
  16. ScottR

    General Elk

    The dynamics of the various regions is what is going to be interesting to navigate. The East has the "least" and the weakest access to public land on the general hunts. The West will likely have the highest demand due to the most public land, but it also has the highest allocation of tags. It is...
  17. ScottR

    My New Gun Shooting Great

    Looks like you have a shooter! Very cool!