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    Draw Results??

    Couple MT. Emily bulls, if I loaded the pictures right anyway.
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    Let?s see your best sheds or deadheads

    Decent Oregon rack off a dead head.
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Mid 180’s. Narrow 23” ish mainframe, 25” with the extra on his RT side. Did not appear to be as big as he is. Almost did not shoot...
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    Elk - Plateau Fishlake/Thousand Lakes Late Hunt

    Am seriously looking at this hunt. 11/10-18. Planning to bring my son and two grandkids who will be 8 and 9. Looking for high success, ease of access, and a branch bull would be fine. If the kids can watch Papa drop a nice 5x5 that would fill the bill. More about their experience than the...
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    Wyoming Migration Initiative - help fund Mule Deer GPS collars

    Pretty cool opportunity to help the University of WY fund more GPS collars for the migration initiative. If you hunt or want to hunt MD in WY, you might want to consider sending them a few $.
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    BLM Planning 2.0

    I saw this and wondered is this BLM Planning 2.0 process on anyone's radar? It was news to me. I am not familiar with the group, Sportsmen's Country, but they seem on our side. Any input is appreciated, before I sign any petition, I want to make sure what side I am on...
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    Two Oregon Bighorn Poached

    The stupid is strong in these two. Mid-morning along a busy interstate with a well known and watched bighorn herd. I hope they hang them slowly, if/when found guilty.
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    Custom Turret Systems

    Has anyone used this product in lieu of a new custom turret? It is a custom adhesive backed product you apply to your existing turret. You get 4 identical custom tapes for $25. Allows you to dial to distance. The on-line reviews I saw looked good. I have a one time high altitude hunt this...
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    PointHunter - points look up App

    Has anyone tried this PointHunter app? Got it emailed to me with a slick promo picture. Not where from, Byron Oldham was the name used by the sender. I watched the youTube video, if it works as advertised it may be a nice tool for some. I'll probably stick to using my pen and paper. From...
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    Hello from Oregon

    I'm an experienced rifle hunter of western big game, spent most of my time living in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Have hunted 11 ish states and provinces, some guided, most DIY. Have enjoyed hunting everything from sage rats up to and including moose. Mule deer and antelope are my...