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    Oregon Man Shoots Multiple Elk Claims “Elk Fever”

    How stupid some people are. I don't believe that is the first time he did it. I hope he will be banned from hunting and fishing for rest of his life
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    Dalton Highway 5 mile in hunt.

    Thank you for sharing. That young bull looks tasty, you should shoot one.
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    Montana Alternate List

    Thank you Pete! Maybe more people return tags and I will be able to get one.
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    Montana Alternate List

    Hi guys, When I login to myfwp it says "Your Current Position: #xxxx of 2518 remaining to be contacted" for NR alternate big game combo, does it mean there were only 2518 applicants for alternate list for big game combo this year? I believe last year there were much more.
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    CA draw 2022

    Nothing, at least they processed the drawing and posted results in 7 days
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    Colorado Primary Draw Results will be Posted Online May 31-June 3

    Congratulations! I was ready to share some deer meat with you, will be hunting unit 21, second season.
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    CC Hits are Happening For Utah

    Thank you, Jim! Let's confirm the results first then start planning.
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    CC Hits are Happening For Utah

    My account has been charged $796, looks like one of my sons got Henry Mountain buck : )
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    2021 draw results

    Congrats! My card was hit for two doe tags.
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    CC hits

    My son in law got unsuccessful email
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    7 years worth of points.....paid off!

    Nice buck, congrats!
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    When will Utah start charging cards?

    My card got hit for $268, gen deer for me, hopefully couple more charges for me and my sons
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    The 2019 Mule Deer Success Thread!

    Found this buck couple miles up in the mountains on our ID otc general tag, then found the second buck for my son the next day when we were hiking up to finish packing out my buck. We had great time with my son, love hunting with my kids, it is always blessing.
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    Wyoming Leftover Draw Results

    Just a reminder that WY leftover results should be posted tomorrow at 10am.
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    Colorado Draw Results

    When do you think CO draw results will be posted? I know it should be June 4-8 but could they give us exact date? Do they usually post it on the 4th or wait until the last day?
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    Poison Oak Problem

    My friend is kind of new hunter, I took him big game hunting two years ago and he got hooked but his body has really bad reaction on poison oak, he needs to go to hospital every time he touches it. Any advise how to avoid it and threat it once he get it, any pills, cream, or vaccine against it...
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    Arizona G&F Credit Card Hit

    I got pending charge of $650 on my account, it looks like we will be chasing elk in Arizona this year, random draw :):):)
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    WY Elk unit 98 vs 48

    This is last year my son will be qualified for WY junior tag and I would like to go with him to hunt some elk in WY. We don't have much of choices since he has only three points for elk, were looking for unit 98 and 48, I have never hunted those areas but have done a lot of research, each unit...
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    Long range precission rifle brands and calibers

    I am shopping for new long range rifle to extend my range to 1000+ yards. Which company is reputable in building long range guns and what caliber I should buy? I am looking for some bigger calibers like 300 win and I am ok with paying around $5k.
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    What part of animal do you eat

    I just got back from successful ID OTC public land elk hunting and decided to cook the balls, would like to tell you that they are delicious, unfortunately they are very small and there are only two of them. I am wondering if anybody else eats bull balls or what other parts of the animals do you...