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    WY Antelope Area 23 help

    Dan, did you have any bites on this request? I'm thinking of purchasing a license to fill in a blank time span between archery elk in Wyoming and archery mule deer in SD. Feel free to PM me.
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    Changes to SD NR hunting, WOW!

    It is a big deal to I'd invested a lot of time scouting SD the past three years to settle into an area I could hunt consistently. It also fit into my September plans for when I didn't draw a Wyoming elk tag, which now has gone to every 3 years based on point creep. This just throws...
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    Changes to SD NR hunting, WOW!

    This change really affected my plans. I've bow hunted SD just the past two years and spent a ton of time scouting areas when passing through the off-season. Mostly in northwest SD. Yes, we've seen a few bow hunters, but most of those were after antelope and not deer. And yes, it did seem that...
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    Wyoming Point Purchase during Group Application

    I'm applying as a group for a tag in an area that I do not have enough points to get, and expect to draw my second choice. That's the plan. My hunting partner doesn't want to purchase additional points as this is a one and done hunt for him. (I'll be solo next year, lol) Question, can I...
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    Wyoming Deer Unit 22 or General Area B (units 10, 11, 12, 13 14) What to do?

    I need to decide on a leftover tag in case I don't draw my first choice. I've been looking at General Areas A, B and C. Don't really want to hunt in November in General Area A as I think there may be some decent bucks in northern Wisconsin this fall and I want to bowhunt the rut here. Haven't...
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    Base Camp

    I hear ya. Mine two weeks ago.
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    Wyoming DIY Bulls-September 2016

    My hunting partners harvested these two bulls on our DIY, general tag, backpack hunt in Wyoming. The 6x6 grossed 316 and we haven't figured out how to score the 4x6. That bull's ivory's were worn down to the gum along with a couple molars. His brow tine is huge, and the mass is quite...
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    What are your 2015 plans?

    Have a Wisconsin bear tag in 10 days and hope this guy is still around. Then, have a Wyoming Mule deer tag for October rifle season. Not too excited about Whitetails in northern Wisconsin. Herd is still recovering.
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    Got our tags!

    Here are a couple of pics of the bears coming into our baits already. Also have a sow that goes about 350 on another bait. There is one around 500 lbs in the area and I really hope he's still around this year. I haven't seen his track yet this year, but hopefully he shows up.
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    Got our tags!

    Zim, it truly is a small world. I'll be 57 in September. I've been in Rhinelander for 20 years. Before that, Madison and the east coast for a short stint. Its an interesting place. You'd think it would be tourist but its not. I'm currently getting points for Bighorn, Antelope, and elk in...
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    Got our tags!

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped with my research for mule deer tags (whether you knew it or not, LOL). I estimate I spent 40-60 hours digesting maps, and researching the internet to develop our approach to get a tag this year. Three of us had 2 pts and we applied under special...
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    Region K, Area 132 Wyoming Deer

    We decided where to use our points for an area but are looking for a 2nd choice and are thinking of Area 132 west of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Have only driven by this area on I-80, and I always look forward to the biscuits and gravy at Penny's Diner (always stop there on way to elk camp)...
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    Stuck in Wisconsin

    Sure thing. I've been lucky my last 3 elk hunts in Wyoming. And this is the toad my partner shot last fall. Two of these were at 8 and 12 yards. The other was a more comfortable 25, LOL
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    Stuck in Wisconsin

    Hi, I don't recall if I ever introduced myself when I joined this forum a couple years ago. I am a DIY hunter that craves the mountains of the west. I've backpacked into the Wind Rivers, Bighorns, Salt, Greys, The Bob, and several other ranges to fly fish and elk hunt over the years. We...
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    Wyoming Area 60 Mule Deer

    We are going to apply for Area 60 and hunt the Medicine Bow National Forest. We don't have a hard sided trailer so staying in Laramie. Anyone know about the Gas Lite Inn as a place to stay? Are the roads passable with a 4x4 or should we bring an ATV? We are DIY hikers and only use vehicles...
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    The Tax Day Giveaway!

    I could really use a pack actually made to haul out an animal. Mystery Ranch Marshal Pack This was only the antlers, but I did pack out the first load with this day pack.
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    Mule deer region K

    I've never mule deer hunted before and am trying to find out as much info as I can. I bowhunt for elk in the Salt, Smith and Greys Rivers so I'm physically able to climb mountains. Unfortunately, one of the hunters going with us is not and the mountains would kill him. In 2015 I'm considering...