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    WY Area 68 Pronghorn

    Hello cgeminski can you recount how the hunt was? 68 is on the short list for next season.
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    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    go_deep said: Went through some of the draw odds. Seen 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11 preference points used on full price cow licenses. I can't understand that. Maybe not next year, but soon, very soon. 9 points right now, if I can find a limited quota cow tag in a unit that has great access I'm in for a...
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    So I watched a you tube video the other night.......

    With Wy-Tex 's post I see nothing wrong with posting the video for all to see as of now it's legal.
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    So I watched a you tube video the other night.......

    I'm not going to post up the video link. I have never met the guy but he seems likable and I like the video's he posts. Average Joe type that try's to do everything right but this time I too believe he is incorrect in his thinking and practice. Had his quarry appeared across that creek I have no...
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    So I watched a you tube video the other night.......

    So I watched a you tube video the other night and the hunter was in Wyoming. While standing on a ridge line he made mention in order to be able to shoot the game he was after the game animal needed to be on the other side of the creek. As that was the unit boundary to which his license was good...
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    Unit 100 spike elk hunt, any first hand experience?

    Hello All, I am considering apply for the unit 100 spike elk tag. I like this tag for a couple of reasons. 1). the season is mid Oct to the 1st of Dec and 2). a spike elk euro would look nice above the fireplace. I've never shot an elk nor had an elk tag. 5 points going into the draw. I...
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    WY 46-2

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    WY 46-2

    Not a premier unit by a long ways and fairly easy to draw. But dang my buddy said his hunt was terrible, absolutely void of antelope. I wonder if 47 and 48 were bad as well?
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    WY 46-2

    I wish Multi-SpeciesHunter would report back, I don't quite understand how some hunters come here asking for help, get it and not report back. I had a buddy go to 46 this past season and he said it was tough hunting and he didn't see many antelope at all. I wonder if MSH experienced the same?
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    Area 38 Wyoming Elk

    I unfortunately do not have any info on 38 but may I ask if you do draw it after the hunt please make a post about your hunt. Thanks!!!!
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    Rolling out

    Congrats CKing!!!! and thanks for the excellent write up!!!!
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    WY 46-2

    Tried to send a PM as well last week but it wouldn't work either. Hope you had a good hunt.
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    MT Mule Deer over $600?

    Cont-rare' AK cont-rare' The Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks will absolutely be disappointed to see you and your $ leave!!! They may even send you a questionnaire a year or two after you stop applying asking what went wrong. It's the fellow applicants in your favorite hunting unit that won't be...
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    Anyone on the forum manufacturing euro hangers?

    Hello Troy, I would like to order 10 of these. 3 for antelope (if there is a difference) and 7 for deer please. PM me. Thanks Kevin.
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    Elk Unit 35 Success

    Hello Bigtex, how did the rifle hunters do?
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    Antelope success unit 32

    Thanks for sharing and that is a really nice buck, congrats!!!
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    Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmore I bought for my son and his first antelope hunt.

    Short update on the Savage 110 tacticals in 6.5 creed more, both are tack drivers. Here's my son's 200 yard 3 shot group. The boys are not fans of shooting paper and prefer to shoot 1 gallon milk jugs filled with water. We also have a 12 x 10 inch steel railroad plate (Painted white) they shoot...
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    Wyoming Tag

    My sons Wyoming Non resident youth antelope tag came in the mail today.
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    Savage 110 Tactical 6.5 Creedmore I bought for my son and his first antelope hunt.

    My brother and I are taking our youngest sons (15 and 16) out to Wyoming this fall for their first antelope hunt (they have a 3.5 point average). The unit has been picked and applications submitted (barring a 2 point jump in points they should draw). For this occasion we also decided new rifles...
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    Disappointed in Bushnell

    So my Bushnell rangefinder is losing parts of the display. So I sent it in with their online form and got the rangefinder back just 6 days later with a note saying it was out of warranty and they don't repair rangefinders, Also in the letter Bushnell said I could call them about it. So I called...