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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    90/10 is long overdue for us residents. Overwhelming support amongst my hunting buddies that the TF comes up with something to benefit residents. I'm just waiting for Guy to come out with his next, cry me a river article, about how life isn't fair for non-residents...
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    Wyoming Elk with 12 Points

    So, do you have a suggestion on an area?
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    Wyoming Passes 90/10: The Worst Article You’ll Read This Year - by Guy Eastman

    Same here. Think I drew 9 or 10 resident tags last year. I probably spent 10 - 15 times more than what I paid for tags and that was just in gas. Have no idea what I spent on various local economies, but it was a bunch. Thanks for what you did do... On a side note, Guy comes across in that...
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    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    A friend in Wheatland was talking to Dax as his kid has that tag. He was told they have a bunch of guided cow elk hunts to fill and weren't doing any type 2 hunts until the others are finished...
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    Arctic Air ( Mike and Shiela Spisak ) & Outdoor International - Buyer Beware!

    Why not share and give us a name so others aren't stuck with this same outfit.
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    Investments - what has served you well?

    If you listen to Warren Buffett, here's the advice he gave his wife assuming he passed before her, “My advice to the trustee [for my wife] could not be more simple: Put 10 per cent of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90 per cent in very low-cost S&P 500 index fund.” He recommended...
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    Why the animosity?

    Why do they always bury a farmer/rancher with one arm sticking out of the ground. So they can still get their gov't handout...
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    If I'm not big game hunting on Sat, I'm hunting waterfowl much of the fall and winter, so not a big deal. However, I'd like it more if the NFL folded for the year...
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    How much to tip?

    15% plus or minus is a good start for your guide. Regarding everyone else, I always ask the guide what an average tip is for the cook or wrangler and go from there.
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    Best Dates and Outfitters for NW Wyoming Thorofare Region Elk Hunt

    I've hunted the Thorofare numerous times over the years. Several were guided, the rest DIY. I always shot bigger bulls the last week of the season, but had to deal with deep snows. You also have a good chance of hitting the deer migration later in the season. One year the deer migration was...
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    Proposed Utah New Fees

    Looks reasonable compared to most states. Hopefully my odds increase...
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    338 Cal Rifles

    Might look at the 338 Edge. I'm waiting to shoot mine as soon as the weather warms a bit and the wind quits howling. If you have a few Shekels in yer pocket, check out Shawn Carlock's website and his 338 Edge +P...
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    hiking vs jogging to prepare

    I’d start hiking the ridge almost on a daily basis with yer pack and some weight. Get to 30lbs a couple weeks before you leave. Start adding in plyometrics and calf raises and you’ll be in good shape...
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    Crispi or kennatrec?

    I have both. Crispi hands down...
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    Measuring Jam Length or Rifle Seating Depth?

    An easy way to do it is cut two or three slits in the neck of a sized & used case. You want enough tension so the bullet slides into the neck and comes out of the chamber. Put a bullet in the case and slowly close the bolt and then remove. Measure your coal. Do it a couple times and you’ll...
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    Swarovski warranty

    I scratched a lens on my 8x42 EL’s. Sent them in knowing I’d be paying since it was my fault. However they upgraded to 10x42 at no extra cost and changed the center tab to reflect a 10x 42...
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    Boot Conditioners And Treatments, What Do You Use?

    Look up Grangers. One of the few conditioners approved for Gore Tex. Wouldn’t use snow seal, mink oil or anything else on Gore Tex if it’s a high end boot...
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    wyoming guide for elk and deer

    61 is where I’d look for elk. An outfitter might have access to something in 119 for deer. Trails West is who I’d talk to first. 62 & 63 are other excellent choices for elk...