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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

    Party draw with 4.8 ave ea, for a gen tag!
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    What’s your plans?

    April starts the LL salmon runs with streamers and the dry fly fishing gets going in May, in Maine we can do a cast and blast at the end of September for salmon/trout and grouse. Maine closes a lot of water on the last day of September, but opens grouse on the 26th of Sept if I recall correctly.
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    What’s your plans?

    Wyoming for elk if the tag gods are good to me. Fingers crossed that the party app gets drawn, Wyoming ! If drawn, 4 of us are going to the Thorofare for the last hunt in unit 60. 2 newbies will be along so its cool to see them prep and gear up. Its a month later than I have ever been in...
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    6.8 Western

    Why not rechamber your 280 rem to 280 ai? Go to 168gr + bullets and do the long-range routine? Why drop bullet diameter, reduce capacity in the rifle and build around what could be a shiny new thing? You are depending upon heavier .277 bullets that only a couple of bullet makers have...
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    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    I have always taken 30-40 rounds for hunts where I travel. A few years ago in Wyoming I watched a guy on the range prior to a hunt do some silly things. The range offered a day pass for shooters and we used it to verify zero after a flight. The gent in question got un the bench and used the...
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    Ruger No 1 .300 Weatherby

    Sir, very glad your rifle issue didnt hurt you! I have purchased a No1 in 7mm rem for my dad years ago, it wasn't the best in the accuracy department. I read years ago about a tensioning -set screw modification that put pressure on the barrel hangar done by a gent in Maryland. the before and...
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    Side focus hunting scopes, are they practical and needed?

    Thanks Gents, the darn marketeers are working me over. I accept and agree that at hunting ranges side focus is a 5th wheel.
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    Side focus hunting scopes, are they practical and needed?

    I am in the market for a new hunting scope. I have been using the VX3 & recently the VX3i. I don't dial for now because I hunt in the east where a long shot is 100 yards, I am considering dialing for a western hunt wand am considering this where I expect the shots to be 300 + yards. The...
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    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    Ive seen the 2021 stats on the WY Game and Fish site ...does that hold true for the out of staters who drew General tags, it took at least 3 points ?
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    Lots of questions ... 1. What are the actual numbers of tags being reduced if adopted? Elk, Deer, and Antelope? 2.The travel and tourism association of Wyoming must have something to say about this as they will lose if this comes to fruition? 3. Someone must have an economic value assigned to...
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    Grayboe Stocks any feedback?

    I ma looking at the Grayboe Terrain for a new 257wby build, this will be a mid weight gun with 26" bbl and scope in the 3-18x range yet to be determined. I dont want to spend $700 + on a stock and this stock looks good for the $$. Any thoughts ?
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    The video question of the year...

    Good for you OP breakaway from the monopoly of the carriers! Streaming is the way to go !
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    30-06 and 180 gr bullet load suggestions

    All, I have been loading for 30 plus years but never loaded for a 30-06 with 180's and could use some guidance. I am helping a buddy get ready for his first elk hunt, a migration hunt. He wants to use his 30-06 and 180 AB's I am trying RL22 because that's what is shown to give good velocity...
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    Cabelas Sleeping bag

    Colorado Cowboy, any problems with it retaining moisture from perspiring/sweat during the night?
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    Cabelas Sleeping bag

    My buddy has a new Cabela's Mountain Trapper 0° Sleeping Bag This is a rectangular Canvas bag with a flannel lining, any one have one and would you use it in a late october tent camp at 9K feet??
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    2021 new gear dreams and must haves.

    Where to begin prepping for a late Oct elk hunt at 9K feet + Merino long johns - med weight and heavy weight - zip necks 800 gram insulated leather hunting boots - Crispi? down zip off pants - Kuiu Down mid layer Jacket with hood -Kuiu Axis pants & jacket -Kuiu Lite weight Tripod -? Walking...
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    When you realize you are getting old!

    Your post is timely, deer camp this year took a new meaning for me. My dad and I go to camp in northern Maine and it is in the un-incorporated township area. The only things that change from year to year is the areas of active logging. I was fortunate in that my dad started hunting when I...
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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    All, thanks for the info!
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    Weather in the back country, how do you follow it ?

    All, when your hunting a wilderness area how do you all get weather data ? Ive yet to find a weather station that provides forecasts or history of remote regions.
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    What Is Your Go To Hunting Knife?

    I am fortunate to have a choice, this knife was left to me by the gent who started me hunting elk and it cleaned my last bull in 2018.