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  1. 2rocky

    Unit 45 Camping in Early November

    For people familiar with the area, what will I find open in the Cowles/Terrero Area? is it weather dependant? Doesn't look like there is a lot of accumulation until later in the season but there might be some snow. Do most hunters just find a truck camping spot outside of the USFS campgrounds?
  2. 2rocky

    Travel attractions ABQ to Valle Vidal

    So I'm flying into Albuquerque on Aug 10 and flying out on the 15th. In addition to Scouting on the VV, I'll be interested in checking out some of the local attractions on my way to and from. We land at 6pm and need to shop for groceries before heading to VV. Probably will spend the night...
  3. 2rocky

    Shipping gear ahead when travelling by plane

    In the interest of making the most of my Vacation and Scouting time, I'm considering Flying to ABQ and renting a car to go scout my Elk unit in Northern New Mexico . Wanted camp to be a little nicer than backpack fare, and I was trying to figure out how to get a 2 burner Campstove there. The...
  4. 2rocky

    Alberta Mule Deer- Experiences and advice?

    My 73 year old father, who has been very active and is in good shape for his age has expressed a desire to get "a really good mule deer". Now he isn't going to be able to climb to 12,000 feet in CO or WY. He isn't going to pay 5 figures to hunt the Jicarilla Res. I thought Alberta might be an...
  5. 2rocky

    Hunting your Elk Area for Mule deer.

    For 4 years I've been hunting the same unit in Wyoming for elk. In that time I've only seen one mule deer buck in the unit. Now I know people kill deer in the unit, but I'm surprised that with 2 weeks in the summer riding trails and 4 elk seasons I haven't seen a shooter mule deer buck...
  6. 2rocky

    Google Earth Scouting- What to look for?

    Yep that is a guzzler. Funnels water to a holding tank where it won't soak in or evaporate. Then feeds a water trough. This is an Abandoned one in Nevada.
  7. 2rocky

    Who else is...

    Did an overnight camping trip with the Wall tent with my trail run Group Saturday night then ran a 7 mile trail run Sunday morning at the State park up the Coast.
  8. 2rocky

    How Secretive are you about your hunting areas?

    When you talk to other hunters it is only natural to inquire about the area someone got a nice animal in or has hunted for years. Generally I will mention the largest city in the county I'm hunting. I won't mention the trailhead, or drainage I'm using unless I encounter another hunter in my area.
  9. 2rocky

    Daily Hunting "circle"

    When you are hunting out of a fixed camp (and plan to return to camp that night), What is a reasonable distance in your mind for that path?
  10. 2rocky

    Lamoille Canyon Campground (Thomas Cyn.)

    Headed back to Estes Park for brother in laws wedding in July. Want to make the trip 3 days, camp along the way. Lamoille is about 8 hours from home. Good Spot for a July 1 Family overnight tent camp? Figuring on the next night in UT. Maybe Jordanelle Res.?
  11. 2rocky

    Fishing in Park City area in July

    Going to head to Estes Park CO for my Brother in Laws wedding. It is a two day drive, but we are going to take 3 days to get there from Northern CA. Figure Park City would be a reasonable place to play and spend the night in a RV camp. Kids are 16,14, and 8 and I want them to catch fish...
  12. 2rocky

    What is your opinion on the Best "Golden Ticket" tag in the West?

    I made my donation for my longshots in Nevada and Wyoming. If you had a genie grant you a Statewide Tag which species and state would you pick?
  13. 2rocky

    How does everyone organize your preference points??

    In addition to my list of Deadlines and Draw dates, I have this sheet above with my priorities and goals
  14. 2rocky

    Nevada Antelope

    Trying to get my father and uncle lined out on applying for Antelope in NW Nevada. They have a friend in Denio, and I'm not sure if I should tell them to apply for the unit I hunted last Fall or the 032, 033,034 unit their buddy lives in. Heck I might have 'em apply for the Sheldon as a...
  15. 2rocky

    Stashing water, etc.

    Chip and Dale can be quite inventive when they find a cache. I've had squirrels chew holes in runbbermaid totes in a campground. If you hang a bag, Rig up a baffle on the rope to keep rodents out of it,
  16. 2rocky

    Taxidermy Display tips and Tricks.

    This is a rough diagram.
  17. 2rocky

    Taxidermy Display tips and Tricks.

    I started this thread to be a place to make suggestions on Taxidermy arrangement, and positioning. Post your best tips and tricks for when you get that mount home. I'm curious about guidelines for how high on the wall to put mounts, Lighting strategies, Spacing, and room for new animals...
  18. 2rocky

    Estes Park CO this Summer

    My Brother in law (Wife's Brother) is getting married in July in Estes Park. Over the 4th of July Weekend (groan) Any suggestions on things to do with the Family there. Kids are 8,14, and 16 y/o girls. Heck even attractions on the way to and from (California Via Hwy 80) would be...
  19. 2rocky

    Wyoming Locals, Any Idea What Trailhead?

    Bear kills researcher in Wyoming Anyone heard Whereabouts?
  20. 2rocky

    How to become the most hated hunter in the world?

    Well I'm not good enough to be a TV celebrity. So I figure I need to do something to stroke my ego, and become a household name in the Hunting world. What would be the most controversial way to do that? Yes, this is a Satirical Post (tongue in cheek)...Gimme your best...