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  1. DoubleDropMuley

    Fall turkey hunt out west. Options?

    Hit the black hills like you mentioned and you could hunt wyoming and Dakota on same trip , same day if you wanted 😃
  2. DoubleDropMuley

    WY Mule Deer King Buck

    Hope he plays Houdini again !!!
  3. DoubleDropMuley

    Area 93 antelope

    Personally I’d camp up labarge creek, just cause I like the mountains 😃
  4. DoubleDropMuley

    There Arriving

    Mail Today😃
  5. DoubleDropMuley

    Area 93 antelope

    Personally I would go before weather sets in and deer and elk hunters show up in the masses !!! But whenever you decide to go I think you’ll be fine !! Congrats on the tag !! Hope to see a success post 😃
  6. DoubleDropMuley

    WY Results Out

    Wife and I drew party, wasn’t expecting it with tag cuts , not gonna kill if it’s not a booner , wife well I’ll let her decide what she wants 😀
  7. DoubleDropMuley

    2023 Antelope/Deer and Resident Elk Results Available

    The wife and I drew antelope, deer type 3, cow elk and I got a late season bull tag!!
  8. DoubleDropMuley

    2023 WY Bison/Goat/Moose/Sheep Results Up

    My thoughts as of now !!
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    Now we’re talking 😝
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    If they move them they should be moved to Canada or Alaska where they were meant to be ha so if that’s the case clear out Idaho, Montana and Wyoming 😀
  11. DoubleDropMuley


    I’m glad wyo governor said we are not giving them any Wyo wolves and I’d hope Montana or Idaho wouldn’t either , no need to F up another state !!! Unless we could guarantee they would eat the liberals leftist and leave the wildlife alone 😀
  12. DoubleDropMuley

    Grizzly Recently Shot Near Cody

    Hope they find the shooter!!
  13. DoubleDropMuley

    Family tradition

    NICE!!!!! 👊🏻
  14. DoubleDropMuley

    WY 2023 Hunting Season Proposals

    I say kill a lot more elk and get our mule deer back 😃
  15. DoubleDropMuley

    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    If the type 7 in that unit is on irrigated land or within so many miles , the landowners are probably complaining and they usually win 🤦🏻‍♂️, not right but that’s the way it seems to go
  16. DoubleDropMuley

    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    don't know how many does are killed when someone can't find a buck, but I You can look at harvest reports and see this info at least the ones that has been reported!! Looks like a few but not overwhelming numbers, I think most try to draw so they can hunt bucks, I know I’ve never tried for a...
  17. DoubleDropMuley

    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???, Sad to see but Glad it be!! Winter def took a toll
  18. DoubleDropMuley

    Should I apply for Antelope in Wyoming or not???

    More cuts coming with updated proposals!!