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  1. muleyfool

    CA draw 2022

    Results are up
  2. muleyfool

    Eastmans' Survey

    Took it.
  3. muleyfool

    Early Draw !!! Results Friday!!!!!

    Drew my first Nevada deer tag (muzzy 202..5th choice). Good luck in the draw!
  4. muleyfool

    My 2019 AZ 12aw late buck

    Congrats! Nice buck.
  5. muleyfool

    CC Hits!

    CC hit for deer this afternoon. Good luck to all!
  6. muleyfool

    Best Western Caliber?

    I own and shoot a lot of rifles, 338LM, 300RUM, 7MMRM, 270 Win and 300 WBY. They are all good rifles/calibers but the accumark 300WBY with a break is my favorite. Very accurate and brass life is excellent when reloading
  7. muleyfool

    Bow Sights

    Ditto, Very good setup. I run the ascent verdict and am very impressed with it.
  8. muleyfool

    How Do You Define A Successful Scouting Trip?

    LOL. You make a valid point. When ur by yourself a guy can usually patch his own eye after getting bit, getting cactus barbs out of your butt not so easy (speaking from experience).
  9. muleyfool

    How Do You Define A Successful Scouting Trip?

    A successful scouting trip is getting outdoors with the kids and friends. Seeing animals is a plus but not necessary. Being out in the field and the anticipation of the hunt is the real rush. That being said It's always helpful to know how the critters use an area ie. migratory or resident...
  10. muleyfool

    How Do You Define A Successful Scouting Trip?

    Gotta be careful when scouting after too may silver sodas, remember to always fall away from the spotting scope.:p
  11. muleyfool

    Not many deer on scouting trip

    Tough time of the year for scouting (especially lower country). Really noticed a population decrease last season. Local game warden speculated that the herd in my unit had been displaced due to drought and possibly CWD mortality. However on a brighter note I did see plenty of does, trying to...
  12. muleyfool

    Non-typical doesn't even explain it...

    Cool pics. Thanks for sharing.(y)
  13. muleyfool

    300 Weatherby Loads

    I ran the 180 partitions for years, one of the best bullets out there. Had my gun re-barreled a few years back and couldn't get the same groups, so went to the heavier/ higher BC pills and my gun seems to like them.
  14. muleyfool

    Welcome Luke

    Welcome Luke
  15. muleyfool

    300 Weatherby Loads

    I need to correct my ELDX recipe. It's 74.5grs IMR7828ssc. The 86gr H1000 is my 210gn VLD berger loads I'm going to try the H1000 real soon. Let me know how yours turn out
  16. muleyfool

    300 Weatherby Loads

    A little late to the game here, Been trying to get my 300wby to shoot the 212gr ELDX and getting decent results with 74.5 gns of IMR7828ssc, settled with COAL of 3.65. I'm getting sub-MOA which is ok for hunting, not quite as good as my pet loads using H1000 & 210gr Bergers. Appreciate any...
  17. muleyfool

    Case Cleaning 2019

    I like the tumbling with walnut hull media. I'll ultrasonic on occasion
  18. muleyfool

    Who is bowhunting where?

    Archery elk in Wyoming mid September.
  19. muleyfool

    2020-2026 Season Structure - Final Recs

    Thanks for sharing. I like what they're doing with the 10 day break between second and third seasons. A little shorter with seven days, but moving third season later in November is cool beans.
  20. muleyfool

    Wyoming mule deer

    Looks like great growth for both vegetation and antlers. Thanks for sharing.(y)