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    Montana deer unit 704 and 705

    Yes that’s the right area, that town is on the northern end of 705. I hadnt planned on going that far north but I may have to check that area out. Thanks!
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    Montana deer unit 704 and 705

    I'm taking my son who turns 8 in October with me on what will be his first big Western hunting trip. I'm looking at unit 704 or 705 for deer and I'm hoping to find some places that wont be too strenuous for him but that wont be road hunting either. This will be his first big hunting trip and...
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    Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 5200 and 7200 packs with frame and suspension

    Kuiu Icon Pro 1800 5200 and 7200 packs with tall frame and L/XL suspension. Also includes 2 hip pouches and a bow sling attachment. 5200 pack has been used on 2 hunts, 7200 pack was taken on 1 hunt, and 1800 pack has never been used. No tears, rips, or stains. Nothing at all wrong with these...
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    South Dakota deer unit 35L

    Haha wish I could help you there, don’t have any hog spots
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    South Dakota deer unit 35L

    So I unexpectedly drew a SD mule deer tag in unit 35L (Custer National Forest) and haven’t been able to find very much info about the unit anywhere. Was hoping somebody might have some pointers on the unit as I don’t have the first clue where to start. Unfortunately I’m about 15 hours away in OK...
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    Unit 27 archery mule deer

    Im planning my first archery mule deer hunt in unit 27 for January 2019. I?ve read over everything I can find on the unit on the G&F website and have scoured the forums for everything I could find. Was hoping some of you guys may have some advice for good places to set up camp? We?ll be in a...
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    Colorado Deer Unit 551

    I've got a 3rd season deer tag for 551 and was hoping someone may have some experience in this area? Looking for some general areas worth looking over. I may try to make a trip out from Oklahoma this summer to get eyes on before season starts. Would love to find some areas where I may be able...
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    Idaho rut activity

    I'm heading up to the Stanley/challis area for mule deer in a few days and saw they're getting some good cold weather and snow. Anyone starting to see any good rut activity yet?
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    Unit 27 mule deer

    I'm headed up to unit 27 a week from today for mule deer (also have a wolf tag) and was wondering if anyone has hunted the middle fork area? I've got a flight chartered and am just trying to narrow down which landing strip I want to fly into. I'm looking at indian creek, thomas creek, and...
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    carrying a rifle in the Kuiu 7200

    I'm leaving in a few weeks for a 7 day backpack hunt in Idaho and I'm trying to decide how I want to pack my rifle. Last year I put the butt of the rifle in the side pocket and used compression straps to cinch it up tight. No real complaints but I was wondering if there's a better way. I've...
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    rifle sling

    I'll be hunting with a new rifle this year and I'm on the hunt for a new sling for it. I've got the flush cup side mounts in the stock and i'll be taking it on a 7 day backpack hunt in Idaho in a few weeks. Weight is a consideration but I also don't want something so minimalist that its...
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    Tripod for RazorHD 20-60x85

    Going on a backcountry backpack hunt in Idaho this October and I'm looking to pick up a different tripod. Right now I've got my scope mounted on a pretty lightweight vortex tripod but I don't think it's quite sturdy enough for that big of a scope. Any time I loosen up the nut to pan, the scope...
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    Lowa Tibet GTX or LL?

    I'm headed to central Idaho for a deer hunt in mid October and I've decided to pick up a pair of Tibets as we will be backpack hunting in pretty steep territory. I don't anticipate needing to wade across any creeks or anything... I'm thinking worst case scenario is wet vegetation in the...
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    Wyoming antelope unit 25

    Used Prairie Wind Taxidermy in Casper and just got my buck back. Turned out awesome! Definitely not the quickest (about 8 months) but the quality is solid for sure.
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    Frank Church mule deer hunt

    Looks like i'm not going to draw any tags this year unless I get lucky and draw my Idaho controlled mulie tag or my Wyoming mulie tag which isn't very likely. As a backup i'm planning on hunting mule deer (will have wolf tag also) in the Frank Church wilderness units... 26, 27, or 20A. I'm...
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    Wyoming antelope unit 25

    Thanks guys! Quick update, after we filled our goat tags on Tuesday we headed a couple hours south to hunt a cow elk in unit 7 and a mulie buck in unit 64. We scouted all day Wednesday and on Friday my buddy shot what looked to us to be a pretty good one. It was his first mule deer and his...
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    Wyoming antelope unit 25

    Success! Killed a pretty nice buck (I think) this morning and while I was boning it out another bucked popped over a ridge a few hundred yards away and my buddy tagged out too! 547 yards with my 7mag.. 168 bergers. Took 5 steps and dirt nap!
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    Wyoming antelope unit 25

    My buddy and I are leaving for Casper tomorrow night with a couple of unit 25 antelope tags. This was our 3rd choice fall back and basically just an add on to a cow elk tag and mule deer buck tag that we have in the Laramie peak area in the days following. I have the delorme map, the BLM maps...
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    Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2 on sale at REI

    REI is running a 4th of July sale for the Copper Spur UL2. They've got it for $299 right now (normally $400). I've been waiting on a good sale to snag one and I just picked mine up. They already ran out but they're taking backorders at the sale price and its free shipping. Just a heads up in...
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    Antelope unit curve ball... any assistance appreciated!

    So I had my plans for Wyoming 2015 all set out. I drew a unit 7 cow tag and put in first choice for antelope in unit 38. There have been more tags then first choice applicants in past years (roughly 120 tags for 100 applicants in 2014) and it overlaps my elk area. I have the Garmin landowner...