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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Social Media

    A few hunting forums and LinkedIn, no Facebook or Twitter.
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    Logistic information Region “M”

    Thank you guys for your help!! Really appreciate it!
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    Logistic information Region “M”

    I’ve tried finding on the Wyoming website if anything special is needed if I bring a atv but can’t find anything on it. Do I need to register or get a tag for the atv in Wyoming?
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    Logistic information Region “M”

    Thanks for all the replies. So would it be wise to camp off a blacktop and just drive everywhere? Do I need a UTV or 4-wheeler?
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    Logistic information Region “M”

    I would like to talk with someone familiar with Region M. Roads, camping, etc. ive got the BLM maps, onyx maps and google earth that I’ve been studying. My main question’s revolve around pulling a trailer and what roads would be decent if there was some rain, a lot of rain, etc. please PM me if...
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    When are Wyoming tags mailed

    Non rResident Deer tags showed up yesterday.
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    Eastmans' Mule Deer Hunter Course

    So like Whitetails they have a core area they don’t go far from? I was thinking Mule deer ranged quite a bit.
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    Eastmans' Mule Deer Hunter Course

    How far did they travel to that canyon?
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    Eastmans' Mule Deer Hunter Course

    This would be great! I use Onyx to try and find spots I think deer will be but because I’m not from the west(Okla) I’m not sure if these are good places. I rifle hunt Colorado and have points in Wyoming. Just haven’t had much luck in the past locating deer. How long do you give an area when on a...
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    Thoughts on Suppressors for Hunting?

    I use one due to my hearing going bad on me. They are long and awkward for sure but I want to keep my hearing.
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    30-06 and 180 gr bullet load suggestions

    I use 180 gr nosler partition with 56 gr I received-4350, gives 2700 FPS. Gives less than 1 moa accuracy. Also shoot the federal 180 gr nosler partition, which chrono’ s slower than box says. It gives right at 1 moa accuracy
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    New from Oklahoma

    Hello, my name is Phil Evans. In have been lurking on the site for quite a while but have never officially introduced myself. I am 59 and have only been hunting out west for about 10 years. Pretty much still a rookie at it. I really enjoy coming to the forum and learning from all you experienced...
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    Outdoorsman Backpack?

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Outdoorsman backpack? I always here about Kifuru, KUIU, Stone Glacier, etc but never hear anyone that mentions the Outdoorsman backpack. Any input would be appreciated as I am thinking about getting one. Thanks Phil