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  1. win264

    California No lead Turkey shells

    I'm looking for a 12 ga 2 3/4" shells Non Toxic for spring turkey season in Calif. What would you suggest.....besides hunting in another state. LOL
  2. win264

    2016 elk success thread

    My first archery bull it was an outfitted hunt in the Wyoming wilderness. 30 minutes of light left on the last day. My buddy killed one that morning
  3. win264

    New Broadheads?

    This is an old post but thought I'd add that Slick Trick Magnums have been my go to broadhead. I was looking for a 125gr but ST doesn't have any in Deep 6, I came across a Solid broadhead in 125gr from S & S archery. Same POi as my field points very sharp, and well made.
  4. win264

    Best boots for early archery hunt

    I'm looking for some advice on what you are using or recommend for an early archery elk hunt in Wyoming wilderness. I hear a lot about Lowa, good for stalking, and has to have excellent traction. Thanks for your help
  5. win264

    2016 OTC archery deer tag

    I'm wanting to purchase my OTC archery deer tag for 2016 for the first hunt coming this January. When/Where can I purchase the tag for 2016? I wanted to be hunting on New Year's Day and was wondering if I can get this permit prior to January. If you have done this hunt before any info on...
  6. win264

    2015 elk succes thread

    Here's the bull
  7. win264

    2015 elk succes thread

    Wyoming Gen Tag, with grizz
  8. win264

    Unit 60 sept archery

    I'm looking at doing a unit 60 on a general tag outfitted, I have 4 Pts. Does anyone have any info on this unit? It would be mid sept archery hunt because the outfitters rifle hunts are filled. Your opinions would be appreciated, could I do better with 4 Pts? Could I get a tag and keep my...
  9. win264

    Roller Guard on Mathews Helim

    Anyone else have a problem with the roller guard on Mathews Helim tearing up the serving? I noticed mine is raveled and will need to be re-served at the roller Guard...... For the second time since I bought it. I have seen where it may be a common problem and Mathews will make repair, anyone...
  10. win264

    Unsuccessful for Wyoming Elk

    I was unsuccessful for Wyoming Draw results posted today, I'm not too disappointed sort of glad I have another hunt I was drawn for and it would have been hard doing 2 hunts in Sept. Hope you were successful.
  11. win264

    Another new guy

    I just wanted to step out of the darkness and into the light and introduce myself. I like to hunt, fly fish, reloading and shooting. I recently took up archery and have took my first OTC Mulie this year in NM. I apply for several state draws and normally just get PP. I can't say that any more...