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  1. Reflex

    Once in a lifetime...ND Elk Tag!

    That is a great bull. Congrats to you on your once in a lifetime tag!
  2. Reflex

    Son gets his 2nd bow kill

    Congrats to your son! I bet he was excited.
  3. Reflex

    Just 48 hours later

    Wow! That's pretty cool.
  4. Reflex

    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    When is the winner announced?
  5. Reflex

    Leupold Spotting Scope / Eyeware Giveaway!

    Hmmm, probably elk. Thanks for the giveaway!
  6. Reflex

    new Outdoor Edge knife giveaway - 20 knives!

    Thanks Outdoor Edge!
  7. Reflex

    Vortex Giveaway!

    Awesome! Thanks Vortex.
  8. Reflex

    My 2019 WY Bull

    Wow! That bull has some character. Congrats on a stud of a bull.
  9. Reflex

    Kifaru 44 Mag Giveaway

    Dang! This is awesome. I have a feeling I am going to win this one. :)
  10. Reflex

    Alaska Guide Creations Binocase Giveaway

    Awesome! I need a new bino holder. Thanks for the giveaway!
  11. Reflex

    Initial Ascent IA4K Giveaway

    I'm in need of a pack. I'm interested in learning more about Initial Ascent. Thanks for the giveaway!
  12. Reflex

    The Sig BDX System Giveaway!

    Dang! Thanks Sig!
  13. Reflex

    Wyoming Unit 11 Archery Elk

    I drew the type 9 tag two years ago and harvested this bull. I'll send you a message when I get more time.
  14. Reflex

    The 2018 Antelope Picture Thread!

    My Nebraska archery buck from this past weekend. This was my first archery antelope!
  15. Reflex

    Lets see your mounts!

    Hey guys, I got a call from my taxidermist the other day wanting me to pick out a pose/form for my bull. I would love to see some pictures of bull elk shoulder mounts to help me decide. Thanks!
  16. Reflex

    The 2017 Eastmans' Forum Bowkill Journal

    Wyoming archery elk Here's the bull I shot in Wyoming.
  17. Reflex

    Follow ups

    I was fortunate enough to win a pair of Kenetrek Mountain Extreme's last summer. I used them on a few local whitetail hunts, but haven't had them out west yet. I've been training quite a bit for an upcoming archery elk hunt in Wyoming, so I have been putting the boots to good use! Here are a...
  18. Reflex

    MRS for Wyoming elk

    Can someone from Eastman's or anyone else tell me if the MRS section in Eastman's Bowhunting Journal will again contain the information for Wyoming elk? Trying to get things figured out for elk this year and was hoping that EBJ covered that information again this year. Thanks!
  19. Reflex

    Any Whitetail hunters out there?

    Since I live in Nebraska, I spend a great deal of my fall chasing whitetails in addition to my short trips further West to chase elk, antelope, or mule deer. Just wondering how many others out there are getting excited for the whitetail rut in the next few weeks. Although there is nothing like...