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    Utah Antelope Island Buck

    In general, what a bunch of winers, or weiners, whichever you identify as today. Self made money. Broke no game laws as far as we know. Less than half is tax deductible. Money goes to Game and Fish, not some stupid DEI program. Look in the mirror before you let your green envy show up on a blog...
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    Guided Bear Hunt Experiences?

    Bear meat is actually really good, a bit richer than deer or elk venison, but here in Wisconsin it is quite desirable!
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    2023 AK Moose

    Well done!
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    The Memes Thread!

    you are still a douche
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    Draw Party

    Unit 67, 68 antelope
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    2023 WY NR Elk Draw Results Available

    Unit 58-1
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    2023 NM Draw

    Oryx tag
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    Knee Replacement Surgery

    Sorry to hear that, best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery!
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    Should have asked for a Warrant

    You were done quite awhile ago!🤣
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    Should have asked for a Warrant

    Sorry I hurt your feelings with my facts. 😂
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    Should have asked for a Warrant

    That's the most libtard response I've read in a long time.
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    Should have asked for a Warrant

    So just give up your rights and move on, that's much easier than standing up for the rule of LAW. If you give up your constitutional rights so easily, you likely don't deserve them.
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    Should have asked for a Warrant

    No warrant, no entry, no conversation. Unfortunately the police are no longer our friends. If they ask questions, doesn't matter if your "innocent", call an attorney. If your not under arrest, leave, they have no right to detain you.
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    Wyoming outfitters tags ?

    Took the survey, did my part. Hope everyone participates.
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    What did you draw?

    Deer, unit 161-164
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    2022 NM application period

    Drew the late January tag, so it will be awhile!
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    2022 NM application period

    Drew an Oryx tag on WSMR in January
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    Wolves Placed Back on Endangered List

    Sorry, can't agree with you on this one. Wolves best stay away. I can respect your stance for you. Everyone can decide what their level of tolerance for wolves and fines are and go from there. Ranchers and farmers in Wisconsin are left out in the cold by the government, horses, sheep, cattle...
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    Wolves Placed Back on Endangered List

    No wolf is going to survive me or almost everyone of my friends. If we can't legally hunt them, than we will illegally kill them... every single one of them. Screw the courts and the wolf loving DNR. They have had their chances at regulated hunting. No more.
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    The Memes Thread!

    Lake Winnebago sturgeon season opens February 12th !!! Grab your spears.