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  1. tttoadman

    Stone Glacier Solo and Krux Frame

    Bought in 2013. I am keeping the frame. Bag is for sale $180. Some small stains. Has the center row of webbing. I use this to hook my tripod on. You can mount any lids to these by hooking a strap to the bottom. I have ran all the kifaru lids and the terminus bag lid on this bag for years...
  2. tttoadman

    Heavy or light??

    I ponder this every so often. If you have an elk down, most of us can bone out and pack out in 3 loads. Is there a preference in the weight distribution on the loads. Do you load heavy when you are freshest, or save your feet and legs for a heavy push at the end. - start heavy and finish...
  3. tttoadman

    Leupold VX-6

    I am not very savvy when it comes to optics, so keep any responses nice and simple for me. First: I have a VXII 4-12 in for some service right now. I am seriously looking at the VX-6 for its 3-18 mag range. I am not convinced that I want to carry a spotting scope, so I want to be able to use...
  4. tttoadman

    REI "Dash 2" tents

    I saw this yesterday, and was pretty impressed. Very similar to the BA Fly Creek without the issues that people hate. They put a side entrance on it and added the spreader bar at the foot end like you get with a Fly Creek 3 to help open up the foot area better.
  5. tttoadman

    What do we do while waiting for the hunt

    This is me when not hunting, scouting, or working on the house.
  6. tttoadman

    Oregon Mulies

    testing. I just made a photobucket account. Timberstalker, I think I could see your house from here!!
  7. tttoadman

    First thread on a great forum

    I wanted to the first one to post a thread!! How cool am I...... Question I have: I enjoy hunting with the family, but I find myself conflicted. I seem to have more desire to spike out on my own. Does that make us "no fun"? It is hard to find a balance.
  8. tttoadman

    Idaho bucks

    I decided to try out of state this year. My Brother and I found a mutual friend that has been hunting ID backcountry for a few years, and was willing to show us around. We ended up in the Frank Church. Good time. People were starting to stack up, so we took these guys after 3 days of covering a...
  9. tttoadman

    First Solo ID Elk Hunt

    After a few hundred hrs of weighing gear, conditioning, and staring at google earth, I was as ready as I would ever be for my first out of state hunt. My goal was to find a big wilderness area that I could get lost in. The Frank Church won out. After 2 days I had to abandon my spike camp and get...
  10. tttoadman

    New meal Pack list....

    Here is what I have: I have targeted 5 small meals per day. I was up around 140cal/oz(which sounded unrealistic) until I loaded up a full day and weighed it as a package. I think the "packaging add" is just a function to quickly bring it into perspective so i am not using bad data. I used about...
  11. tttoadman

    Official Post Padding Thread

    look how much he's grown in a year. Back to his favorite spot. Can't tell if it is the same one for sure. The coloring on his face is different, but the new photo is a little earlier in the year.
  12. tttoadman

    New office decor

    Thanks to Artistic Taxidermy in Portland!! They measured him at 168 3/4. Gettin excited for this fall!! days getting shorter starting tomorrow. Must be moving officially into "scouting season".
  13. tttoadman

    Marmot Never Summer 0 deg down bag

    This could be old news, but REI has last years models on sale for $168 for the short and $175 for the long. This is on until they are gone. I thought this was too good to pass up, and I was really in need of a bag in this range.
  14. tttoadman

    Who else is here?

    I agree you should have points to spare on this one. Co-worker from snake river last year just in case you forget what you are looking for. go get em!!
  15. tttoadman

    Official Post Padding Thread

    You are comfortable in your manhood when you dress like this. I also have the sweats, slippers, and a tattoo to match.
  16. tttoadman

    Lets see your dog

    my hounds. they only hunt the mice in the field. I just love the way you can leave..........return after 1 minute to get your keys off the table.........and they love you all over again like you have gone for a week.
  17. tttoadman

    Which Pack?

    The new solo 3300. I got the meat bag and the gun holder. Pretty impressed with the fit and the weight. This should allow me to retire my day pack depending on the hunt specifics. I don't have any water on here. I have never used a bladder for water. I have a little work to do, but this is...
  18. tttoadman

    how to keep your feet in good shape

    I am covering alot of conditioning miles every week now looking forward to some serious packing this fall. I hope this also helps to toughen up my feet. I wear wool socks when hunting. I sweat alot on my feet, and they always give out before the rest of me does. I was going to pick up one of...
  19. tttoadman

    New to the Forum

    welcome to the forum. I was blown away was I realized this forum was here. I have been an Eastmans subscriber for years, but never went to web site and noticed the forum until last summer. what a dummy!! Quit bagging on Beagles. They are hunting machines. Just the other day, my beagles spent 4...
  20. tttoadman

    Pack in Idaho hunt 2013

    I am trying to get my plans together for my first hunt trip in Idaho. I normally look to pack into wilderness areas away from roads and ATV's. I was looking at the november hunt for deer and elk in 20A, 26, or 27. It looks like people have pretty good success in the late hunt here, and I don't...