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  1. sjsmallfield

    CA X zone buck down!

    Finally!!! My first mule deer is down and I couldn't be happier. This is the third year my dad and I hunted this zone and after three years of learning the area and some hard hunting I was able to put a good buck on the ground. I can't wait to draw the tag again and hopefully we can get dad a...
  2. sjsmallfield

    Hunting off a mountain bike?

    I was just curious if any of you guys have used mountain bikes to get back to your starting points? There are alot of logging roads where I hunt that I would like to access but most are locked up.(no motorized vehicles) I have hunted alot of the area for years and have always walked in. I just...
  3. sjsmallfield

    How long between stands?

    After reading a couple other threads it got me to thinking. We like to give stands at least a month between sets. Especially if we have done any shooting. I was just curious how long of a break you guys give your spots before calling again?
  4. sjsmallfield

    Removing old velvet?

    A few years ago I killed a big 2x2 stag blacktail and did a european mount with the skull. Last year I had carpet beatles get into the velvet and completley destroy it. Does anyone have a good way to remove the velvet. I think I want to remove the velvet and stain the antlers.
  5. sjsmallfield

    Predator pill?

    I got a new Rem700 .243 for fathers day to use on predators and deer. A couple weeks ago I called in and shot my first coyote with it at 305yds. I was shooting the same 95gr sst that I used for deer this year. The problem was I blew a hole in him the size of a softball. It was a little beyond...
  6. sjsmallfield

    New raingear?

    I have been looking at getting a new set of raingear and was really intrested in Kuiu and APXg2. With that being said I do work in an outdoor shop and have been also looking at some of the Marmot raingear we have in the shop. Just because of the price I can get. Does the Marmot make more sense...
  7. sjsmallfield

    B&C Trophy Watch Dall

    If you get a chance check out the Dall Sheep on Trophy Watch. It is a friggin monster. I would post a link but I don't know how. (Little help please) Sorry!
  8. sjsmallfield

    I may have created a monster!

    Yesterday was my 6th wedding aniversary. Althogh my wife and I have been together for almost 10 years she has never gone shooting with me. I have always told her that I would love for her to go but that I wanted her to tell me when she was ready. The other day I almost had a heart attack when...
  9. sjsmallfield

    Happy Father's Day to me .243

    First off I hope all you father's had a great day yesterday. For me I can't imagine a better Father's Day. I left early in the morning with my best friend to do a little flyfishing. He lost his dad when we were in junior high so we always try to get together on Father's Day for a while. When I...
  10. sjsmallfield

    Let's see your 2012 Turkeys

    Post some pics of your 2012 birds. I will post one as soon as I learn how to shoot! :mad:
  11. sjsmallfield

    Looking for a new predator rifle!

    I am looking at getting a new rifle for predators. I really like the Savage model 10 in .243 or .22-250 and have also looked at a couple other Savages. I just wanted to know what some of you guys would recomend. I was leaning towards the .243 so I could also use it for blacktails here in CA.
  12. sjsmallfield

    Turkeys Anyone?

    Since we can't chase spring bears here in CA. Anyone chasing some longbeards this year?
  13. sjsmallfield

    Let's See Some of Those Blacktail Bucks

    I know it's a little late but here you go.
  14. sjsmallfield

    Post a Pic of Your 2011 Blacktail Here!

    Here's my two 2011 bucks. Nothing special but they filled the freezer.
  15. sjsmallfield

    The Badlands Hypevent?

    I have a Badlands 2200 and I love it, but I was thinking of getting the Hypervent for my early season blacktail hunts. The 2200 gets a little hot on the back in August. Does anyone know if you could fit a boned out deer or antelope into the Hypervent? Most of my hunts are walk in day trips so I...
  16. sjsmallfield

    Colorado Archery Antelope

    I am thinking about picking up an over the counter archery antelope tag for Colorado. I'm pretty unformilliar with the northern zones. From the few maps I have looked at I haven't seen alot of public ground in the northern antelope zones. Am I missing somthing? Any info as to a zone I should be...